How To Get Jade in Stardew Valley

Gemstones are a commonplace delicacy in Stardew Valley and the Jade is no exception. This small green stone might seem insignificant on the surface. But, much like every gemstone in the Valley, it has some hidden potential that you should know about. And, unlike everything with a fairly low price-point in the game, you actually don’t need many to do everything you need to do with the green gemstone. Even so, it’s good to know where they are and what to do with them.

Jade is a type of Gemstone, similar to Rubies. They are green, shaped somewhat like an egg, and have a base price of 200g. The Gemologist profession applies to them, improving their price to 260g. They are far from the least expensive gemstone, with Topaz, Amethyst, and Aquamarine being less expensive.

Jade Locations in Stardew Valley

Jade is primarily mined from their nodes, which are located past floor 40 of the Mines, though they can also be found in Skull Cavern. It can be farmed from Blue Slimes and Tiger slimes as a dedicated enemy drop, albeit with low odds. It is also a random drop from Gem Nodes, Fishing, and Dwarven Sentries, like most other gems.

Jade Nodes are green, lumpy rocks located in the Mines. Usually, you can only find them past floor 40. But, once you’ve hit the bottom, they can spawn on any floor. This makes them in rather fierce competition with most other Gem types no matter where you go. Skull Cavern, for instance, also can hold most types of gem nodes.

Thankfully, that’s not all the green gemstone has going for it. It can also spawn while Fishing, defeating Dwarvish Sentries in the Volcano Dungeon, and from breaking the rock-like Gem Nodes in the Mines and Skull Caverns. These are, once again, relatively fierce competition for any gemstone.

Jade does have a handful of unique drops, however. Blue Slimes and Tiger Slimes can drop them rarely, at about a 2% chance. The low drop rate does make it less enticing to go for, typically, but they’re the only gemstone that spawns from these two types of Slime.

This weird green rock is actually a Jade node, providing us with the gem.

If none of that peaks your fancy, they will occasionally be given as gifts during the Feast of the Winter Star, or randomly acquired from garbage cans once you’ve hit the bottom of the Mines.

What Is Jade Used For?

Jade is big with Forging, as it is the gemstone that improves critical hit damage of melee weapons — very important for Scout builds. It is also a fairly common random request for quests, used by many different Fish Ponds, and can be sewn into a pretty green Shirt at a Sewing Machine. It can also be used to purchase a Staircase from the Desert Trader.

Staircases are interesting items that allow you to skip a level of the Mines or Skull Cavern. This is extremely unique, and only by purchasing from the Desert Trader can you effectively farm this out. Otherwise, you must find Stone or purchase some from Robin.

Expert Tip

By deconstructing Staircases in a Deconstructor (an item purchased from Mr. Qi), you can gain 99 Stone. That means that many Jades can be turned into a gigantic pile of rocks, a big boon for lategame crafting which can often ask for hundreds. 200g for 99 stone is a very fair deal, most of the time.

Quickest Way To Farm Jade

The Mines tends to be the quickest way to farm Jade before the Crystalarium, as you can quickly see any gem nodes or Jade nodes when you enter a floor. Head to floor 40 and peek your head into floor 41, then decide whether you want to farm the floor or head back. Otherwise, wait until you get a Crystalarium, as multiple of the strange device can quickly net you the materials you need for weapon projects or selling.

Farming from the Mines is simple but tedious. The Crystalarium is faster, but has more obstacles in the way. It is unlocked once you reach Mining Level 9, and you get one for free for completing the 25,000 bundle or by donating minerals to the Museum. These can automatically craft additional green gems for you, though it takes over a day to create another one. By making multiple Crystalariums, you can create guaranteed green stones each day or two. And, thankfully, these are some of the higher profit gemstones you can put in the replication machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Villagers like gifts of Jade?

All villagers except Leah, Linus, and Pierre like a gift of Jade. Clint, the Dwarf, and Emily all love the green stones.

Is Jade required for Community Center Bundles?

No community center bundle requires Jade as part of it.

Do any quests require Jade?

Jade can be randomly requested at the “Help Wanted” board. It is needed for the Fish Pond of Bream, Chub, Perch, Salmon, Shad, Smallmouth Bass, Walleyes, and Woodskips. Finally, you need one for the “Rock Rejuvenation” special order you get after completing a community bundle.