Is the Junimo Hut Worth It in Stardew Valley?

Junimo Huts are somewhat of a controversial asset in Stardew Valley. Many players would recommend getting one, but others will tell you that it isn’t worth it. Truth be told, there might be a reason behind each point of view, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t an answer to this question. Which one is it, then?

Stardew Valley Junimo Hut

In fact, this is where Junimos will reside in the Valley besides their temporary stay at the Community Center. These little forest spirits are willing to lend a hand, but is all the trouble worthwhile in the end when it comes to their harvesting huts? To know if a Junimo Hut is worth it, just keep reading our guide!

Are Junimo Huts Worth It?

There isn’t a clear yes or no answer to whether or not Junimo Huts are worth the investment in Stardew Valley. Their true value ultimately depends on what you want. Junimo Huts are not as efficient as the player when it comes to harvesting. If you don’t mind doing all the work manually, then they will not be a good acquisition. On the other hand, if you get sick of harvesting your own crops, Junimo Huts are absolutely worth it.

The Junimo Hut is a purchasable building in Stardew Valley. Each morning, three Junimos will leave the hut and harvest any fully-grown crops in a 17×17 area around the hut. This is their ideal range when it comes to collecting crops to store within the Junimo Huts. While they do gather whatever resources are available to them, you must be aware of any obstructions on your farm that might hinder their work.

Stardew Valley Finding Earth Crystals

Players can acquire their first Junimo Hut after completing the Goblin Problem story quest involving the Wizard of Pelican Town. Progressing through the quest will reward you with more than just the hut structure in question. In addition to unlocking the huts, you’ll also receive the other following Wizard buildings after obtaining the Magic Ink:

  • Desert Obelisk
  • Earth Obelisk
  • Gold Clock
  • Island Obelisk
  • Water Obelisk

It should be noted that each of the listed Wizard buildings will cost quite a fortune. For example, the Gold Cock requires you to spend 10,000,000g to prevent debris from falling onto your farm, while the Water Obelisk’s recipe includes both gold and a few resources. This includes Clam (x10), Coral (x10), and Iridium Bar (x5) to complement the 500,000g charge.

With this in mind, here’s the recipe for the Junimo Hut, which is considerably less expensive than the other Wizard buildings:

  • 20,000g
  • Fiber (x100)
  • Starfruit (x9)
  • Stone (x200)

However, Junimos do not collect crops in the rain or during the Winter and will stop harvesting if you end the day before it gets dark outside. It is important to know that you do not get any farming experience when they harvest your crops, though. Yet, the quality of the harvested crops still depends on your Farming level.

Expert Tip

According to Secret Note #24, placing a foraged item, gem, or geode within a Junimo Hut will change its exterior color. They are set to basically match the color of the material you’ve provided. This process is similar to the Sewing Machine‘s dyeing functions, so be sure to experiment with all of your available resources to what you can unlock.

For us, buying and obtaining a Junimo Hut isn’t worth the price of admission upon unlocking the Wizard buildings. Due to the hut’s potential range and lack of helpful features, we saved up for the other aforementioned Obelisk structures that can warp you to one of Stardew Valley’s key locations, including Ginger Island, the desert, and the beach.

Stardew Valley Junimo in Community Center

As you can see, this is not the best way to gather your crops. Still, they were never meant to do that better than you. The whole idea is that you can do something else knowing the harvest hasn’t stopped. Now you should be well informed to make a decision on if a Junimo Hut sounds like a good investment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Junimo Hut harvest crops from the Greenhouse?

While the base game itself doesn’t include this feature, there are available mods that can alter Junimo behavior to help gather resources from the Greenhouse, if it’s completed. The outside farmland will be your sandbox if no mods are installed to switch up the hut’s gathering mechanic.

Do you need scarecrows to help the Junimos?

The Junimos will act on their own schedules and duties as normal, though this all depends on how well-equipped your farm is. This includes using scarecrows and sprinklers as you usually would to help take care of the land.

Can you befriend the Junimos after unlocking the huts?

Players will not be able to traditionally interact with the Junimo in comparison to the villagers, pets, and other structures in Stardew Valley. They act as assistant NPCs that solely focus on harvesting, gathering, then sleeping once you go to bed. Additionally, you can somewhat hang around with them at the Community Center before you complete the Bundles.

Do Junimo Huts hold giant crops?

The Junimos cannot get the giant crops that grow on your farm, probably due to their miniature physiques. This includes the profitable Cauliflower, Melon, and Pumpkin crops.