Stardew Valley Largemouth Bass | Where to Catch and Cook

Stardew Valley Largemouth Bass

There are tons of different fish that players can catch and cook in Stardew Valley, one of which is the Largemouth Bass. Further, several quests in the game will task players with catching and delivering this fish to different players. So let’s take a look at where you can catch a Stardew Valley Largemouth Bass.

Stardew Valley Largemouth Bass | Where to Catch

The Largemouth Bass can be caught in Stardew Valley during all of the seasons within the game and will supply players with energy and health boost if eaten. Further, if you’d like to sell your catch, it’s worth between 100-300g, depending on the type.

Players will be able to catch the Largemouth Bass in the Mountain Lake, which is located in the northeast corner of the map. Players can also catch the bass at Wilderness Farm, one of the six different maps players can choose from.

Even though you can catch the Largemouth Bass during any season, players have a better chance of reeling it in during the spring and fall season. During these seasons, players have a 20% chance of catching the bass, but in the winter season, it’ll drop to 15%.

Stardew Valley Largemouth Bass | Where to Cook

While there is only one dish that specifically requires the Largemouth Bass, it can be used in a couple of different recipes. The Largemouth Bass can be used to make the following recipes:

• Crispy Bass
• Maki Roll
• Quality Fertilizer
• Sashimi

If you want to make a Crispy Bass, a breaded fishy dish, you’ll need to use the Largemouth Bass specifically. However, the other recipes can be made with any kind of fish. For the Crispy Bass, players will need to combine wheat flour, oil, and the bass. This dish will restore 90 Energy and 40 Health. Additionally, it’ll buff Magnetism by 54 points for seven minutes. Finally, if you don’t want to eat the Crispy Bass, it can be sold for 150g.

Now that you know where to catch and how to cook the fish in Stardew Valley, get out there and start fishing.

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