Stardew Valley Lobster | How to Catch

Any Stardew Valley player slogging through the process of completing the Community Center bundles has likely stared down the silhouette of a Lobster, pictured in the Crab Pot bundle in the fish tank. If you’re itching to complete this bundle, or even if you’re just trying to fill out your fishing log, here’s the best way to catch a Lobster.

Best Way to Catch a Lobster in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Lobster

As the name Crab Pot Bundle suggests, Lobsters are caught with a Crab Pot. Simply place your Crab Pot somewhere in the ocean on the Beach (or anywhere on the Beach Farm, should you choose this layout), fill the Crab Pot with your choice of bait, and check back the next day. If you’re lucky, there could be a pinchy surprise waiting for you! You can catch a Lobster during any season, and they can be placed in a Fish Pond to reproduce, where they will do so every four in-game days.

If you don’t have a Crab Pot, these can be crafted after reaching Fishing level 3, using 40 wood and three iron bars, or with 25 wood and two copper bars with the Trapper profession. Crab Pots can also be purchased from Willy for 1500g after reaching Fishing level 3. A set of three will also be granted to you when you complete the Crab Pot bundle. While any type of bait can be used to fill them, specialized bait will not provide any bonuses, as Crab Pots never produce double fish or treasure.

If you’re trying to complete the Crab Pot Bundle, don’t confuse the Lobster with what appears to be a “black lobster,” also featured in the bundle. This is a Crayfish, which can also be caught with a Crab Pot but can only be caught in freshwater areas (the mountain lake, the river running through Pelican Town, etc.).

After you’ve completed the Crab Pot bundle, any additional Lobsters you’ve caught can be used in a variety of ways. Several cooking recipes, including Lobster Bisque, Maki Roll, and Sashimi can be made using Lobster, and they can be farmed in a Fish Pond to produce a wide array of resources, including Roe, Seaweed, Beach Warp Totems, and various beach foraging items.

Gus will also request a Lobster via the “Wanted: Lobster” Quest on Fall 6 of Year 2; you’ll receive a letter in the mail that will trigger the quest. Providing Gus with the Lobster requested will grant you 500g and one friendship heart with Gus.

As you can see, there are plenty of different uses for Lobster in Stardew Valley, so grab your pot and get to catching. For more guides to help you survive life on the farm, be sure to check the links below.