Stardew Valley Lost and Found Box | How Does It Work?

Stardew Valley has items galore. losing items is just something that happens. But there are certain cases where it feels like the item is gone forever. However, that’s not the case. If you manage to find the lost and found box, you can get these items back. But, how does it work?

How Does the Lost and Found Box Work in Stardew Valley?

How Does the Lost and Found Box Work in Stardew Valley

The Lost and Found box is located inside the Mayor’s Manor. Once you get inside, look for the box with the big question mark above it. Any time you leave a tool behind, come back and check for it here. Otherwise, there are a few other items that will appear in the Lost and Found box under the right circumstances.

The most common item you’ll find are lost tools. Obviously, you might lose a tool, whether it’s in a mine or somewhere else. You’ll find yourself without tools until you get it back. If you happen to lose one, you can make your way to the Lost and Found. The tool will be there the following day. This includes accidentally throwing your tools in the trash as well as quest items.

Another situation is if you leave something at one of the festivals. If you happen to leave items at one of the festivals throughout the in-game year, the game will allow you to pick up the items the next day.

In the event that you give your child a hat, and you decide to visit the Shrine of Selfishness. You can turn your child into doves. Then, the hat your child was wearing will be taken to the Lost and Found. This allows you to retrieve it.

The final thing you can do with the Lost and Found is if you can’t complete a special order. For example, if you’re asked to give a certain amount of items, and you’ve only partially filled the request, and the day ends, you can retrieve the partial amount.

The Lost and Found box is a versatile option for players who can’t keep track of their items, or have forgotten something important.

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