Stardew Valley Mango Tree | How to Grow

mango tree

If you’re looking to get the most out of Stardew Valley’s 1.5 update, there’s a lot to look at! The farm is looking more and more complex by the day, which is great! You can grow so many new things now, including bananas or mahogany trees, to help bolster your farming pockets. One tree that’s pretty hard to find in the wild is the mango tree. This is one of the added trees in the 1.5 update… But there doesn’t seem to be many mangos hanging around, huh? Well, that’s because you’ll get to make them hang around!

How to Grow a Mango Tree in Stardew Valley

mango tree

To get the mango tree, you can purchase it from the Island Trader for 75 mussels. Alternatively, when a Golden Coconut breaks, you can get a Mango sapling (among many other types of trees!). If you want one consistently, you’re going to have to farm your mussels and pay up to the island trader. Then, you should plant the Mango Tree on Ginger Island to get consistent mangos year-round, rather than just in the summer.

These guys follow most other rules for fruit trees. Simply make sure it has a 3×3 square grid to grow into that is completely free of debris. Keep it alive for three years if you want the best quality of food and protect it from being struck by lightning unless you want coal from it. As long as you keep to these rules, you’ll get a mango tree within 28 days of planting it, and it’ll give you mangos.

Mangos are pretty above-average healing items with a nice selling price. These are the favorite food of Leo, so giving him mangos will quickly boost his friendship with you. At a high enough friendship, he’ll give you the recipe for Mango Sticky Rice, a buff food that gives a +3 Defense buff! That’s pretty great, and doesn’t take too much food to get access to.

There’s a ton of new content available in Stardew Valley‘s 1.5 patch. Check out some more things that you can do here!

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