What’s the Best Way to Organize Your Museum Layout in Stardew Valley?

Accumulating an epic collection of items in Stardew Valley can be very rewarding for the player. Along your journey in the Valley, you’ll find special artifacts and minerals that can either be utilized or donated to the Museum in Pelican Town with Gunther. Ultimately, you’re able to donate up to 95 items. This is where your individual Museum layout comes into play.

Stardew Valley Gunther and Museum

As you continue to give these items away for display, the idea of reorganizing the collection will eventually pop in. This is done through Gunther’s book at the front desk of the Museum. The space is practically open for any adjustments for us to partake in. But what is the best way to lay out your Museum collection? We have a couple of suggestions for you, so keep reading onward to find out.

What is the Best Museum Layout?

Organizing your Museum layout in Stardew Valley can be done in two simple steps: Separating the minerals from the artifacts, and arranging the items by color and texture. Depending on what side of the Museum you want them on, you can just organize them by color coordination.

Artifacts are more distinctive, so the best way to lay them out is by color and appearance. One promising way to line up the items by group: Dwarf Scrolls, tools, skeleton parts, Strange Dolls, weapons, fossils, and any other remaining rare pieces. Once you have them grouped up, you can then reorganize them until the Museum is equal on both sides: One for minerals and one for artifacts.

Stardew Valley Museum Donation Layout

Minerals can be obtained in a number of ways for your Museum layout. You can find them in various Mine levels, in the Skull Cavern, in nodes, and while fishing for treasure chests. You can also receive them as gifts from the Villagers of Stardew Valley. For artifacts, you can find these at any Artifact Spot with a hoe in hand. There are also dirt spots in the Mines and Skull Cavern that can potentially hold an artifact beyond the surface.

Aside from those areas, breaking artifact troves and bone nodes is another way, too. Of course, you can always kill some monsters if running and looting about an area isn’t your cup of tea.

Dedicate Some Time to the Museum

Visiting the Museum can be very worthwhile for the player. Not only can you glance at your collection, but Gunther will reward you for your efforts. From seeds and paintings to statues and stones, Gunther has plenty to giveaway until you complete the collection of 95 donated items. Not only is everything there, but you also have the open option to place them anywhere. It all depends on what Museum layout you really want in the end. But keeping the place organized by group, color, and rarity can be a joyous experience.

Expert Tip

Once you donate a certain item to the Museum layout for Gunther’s collection, you won’t be able to re-donate that item should you find it again in Stardew Valley. Because of this, you can either sell these precious items for extra gold or modify them into clothing pieces with the Sewing Machine. The latter is filled with a wide range of customization options for you to explore.

Minerals from the Mines are among the many things you'll want to organize in the Museum.

Keep these short notes in mind, and you’ll soon have your own upscale and proper Museum. Everything isn’t jumbled together but instead rearranged by category and appearance. It’ll make for a nice visit from time to time. Plus, it essentially completes the other half of Gunther’s building with the first half being dedicated to books and learning.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you fill the entire Museum layout in Stardew Valley?

Upon donating all 95 items to Gunther for your Museum layout, you will receive a Stardrop and a cowboy hat as a reward for attaining the “A Complete Collection” achievement.

Is it better to donate to the Museum or sell?

While the profits from bartering with artifacts and minerals can be enticing, it’s best to donate the items first to continuously receive rewards from Gunther. Such rewards include seeds, paintings, furniture, a Rarecrow, the Rusty Key, and a few other noteworthy items.

How can you tell what you are missing from donating to the Museum?

Many players are relying on the Stardew Checkup source to stay up-to-date with their current donations to the Museum. It was initially launched six years ago by Reddit user MouseyPounds.