How to Get Nautilus Shell in Stardew Valley

There’s more you can do to contribute to the culture of Stardew Valley aside from having a farm that grows a variety of crops. As just one example, you’ll eventually want to complete Community Center bundles. And for that, you’ll need to track down items like the Nautilus Shell.

The Nautilus Shell is an item you'll only find around beaches.

Most of the items used in bundles can be grown or created by your own farmer character. However, the golden-orange shell — the aforementioned Nautilus Shell — is a bit of a different story. Put simply, you’ll need to do some searching. Don’t worry, though; it’s not too complicated to locate. This guide will explain how and where to find this object, and what it can be used for.

Where To Find Nautilus Shell

Explore the beaches south of Pelican Town for the best chance to find a Nautilus Shell.

The Nautilus Shell is clearly an aquatic item, meaning it can be found near the water. Specifically, you have the best chance to find it on the beaches of Pelican Town or around the beaches of the Beach Town setup.

For Pelican Beach, this shell will only appear during the Winter. As for the latter location, it can appear randomly at any time. If you search various Mine levels, you might find one on any floor before floor 69 while the Shrine of Challenge is active. You can even gain one from your Fish Pond if you fill it with Crab Pot Fish and help their population get to nine.

For some reason, Demetrius may randomly choose to send you one in the mail, as long as you have a little bit of friendship with him. You also have the chance to get one of them as a gift at the Feast of the Winter Star.

What Is Nautilus Shell Used For?

The Nautilus Shell is primarily used in bundles, though you can also use it in clothing and tailoring.

Since the Nautilus Shell isn’t an artifact, it can’t be donated to the Museum. Unfortunately, it doesn’t serve as a base or every general ingredient for any of the recipes you’ll come across, either. It technically counts as a “Foraged Good” but is not nearly as versatile.

Still, it does have some uses. If you add one to your Sewing Machine, you can get a glassy shirt to show off. Otherwise, you can also add it to the dye pots in order to get some orange dye.

Its most useful purpose is in rebuilding the Community Center, as it is a required component of the Field Research Bundle associated with the Bulletin Board. It can also be sold for a decent price, even at its lowest quality.

Best Way To Farm Nautilus Shell

You'll need to forage the beach often if you have a hope of finding multiple shells.

Despite how niche it is, the Nautilus Shell doesn’t have many opportunities to farm it. The closest is to just wait until Winter and then check the Beach every day for one. If you have the Beach Farm type, it may just appear on your beach at random. However, there’s no way to raise the chances.

Once you unlock the Shrine of Challenge, you can theoretically farm this item by visiting the Mines — that is, as long as you don’t go past floor 69 and you have decent luck. Finding more than one of these will be all about patience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Nautilus Shell worth?

The Nautilus Shell is fairly valuable as a product with the standard version selling for around 120 Gold. If you get lucky and find a high-quality one, you can sell it for nearly double that at 240 Gold.

Do Villagers like gifts of Nautilus Shell?

Another reason why the Nautilus Shell is not very popular is because it is literally not very popular. Almost every single Villager is neutral toward it and Harvey hates it. However, Leo seems to like it for some reason.

Is Nautilus Shell used in any quests?

The only quest the Nautilus Shell is used is in your Fish Pond: If you fill it with Sturgeon, you’ll eventually receive a quest for one in order to increase the population from seven to ten.