Stardew Valley Nursery | How to Make

Stardew Valley‘s life sim-focused gameplay puts players in the position to build relationships, either with their animals or the villagers who live in town. You can even have your farmer fall in love with one of the villagers, and have children. But before you can do that, you’re going to need to build the nursery.

How to Make a Nursery in Stardew Valley

How to Make a Nursery in Stardew Valley

To make a nursery in Stardew Valley, you’re first need to upgrade the farmhouse by going to the Carpenters shop in town. For those who don’t know, this is where Robin lives. Speak with her while she’s at her desk, and give her 10,000 gold as well as 450 wood. She’ll upgrade the house, the first of several available. Upgrading the house a second time will unlock the nursery. This upgrade costs 150 wood, and 50,000 gold to build.

Now that the house has been upgraded twice, you’ll have to get married. For that, first reach eight hearts with a desired single villager, then give them the bouquet. After that, level up their relationship to 10 hearts, and then give them the Mermaid Pendant.

Once you and your Stardew Valley spouse are married, there’s a 5% chance each night that you will be asked if you want to have kids. Choosing so will then introduce kids into the game 14 days later. Same sex couples have adopted children, while opposite sex couples will have biological children. Once the 14 days are up, a child will appear in the crib in the nursery, if the crib hasn’t been removed by the player.

After 56 days, the child will grow up into a toddler. However, they will not grow up any further than that. You can also have up to two children in the game as well. The first child will have a randomized sex, either male or female, while the second child will always be the opposite of the first.

If you’re playing in co-op it’s possible to marry and have children with your friends as well!

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