How to Get Pumpkin Soup in Stardew Valley

In games where growing food is a big part of the action, cooking can’t be too far behind. Naturally, that’s how things are in Stardew Valley. Although cooking requires you to have a kitchen as well as ingredients to make dishes, you’ll also sometimes need to unlock the recipes themselves. Such is the case with Pumpkin Soup.

How to Get Pumpkin Soup in Stardew Valley

Dishes can be quite useful in terms of health items when adventuring. and can also make pretty meaningful gifts for the Villagers. The seasonally thematic Pumpkin Soup dish is one you’ll certainly want to track down. But, as ever, you’ll need to go through a process to make some. This guide will explain everything you need to know, from how to get the recipe to how to cook the dish itself.

Unlock Pumpkin Soup Recipe

You'll need to increase your relationship with Robin to unlock the Pumpkin Soup recipe.

The first challenge in cooking Pumpkin Soup is getting the recipe. Unfortunately, this dish is one of those that can not be earned from watching the Queen of Sauce. The only way to get your hands on it is by raising your relationship level with Robin. She won’t share it easily, however, since you need to have a relationship score of at least seven hearts.

One easy way to increase your friendship level with her is to find and return her lost axe. This will get you one heart.

Once you’ve got a high enough friendship level, check your mailbox daily to see if Robin has sent you the recipe.

How to Make Pumpkin Soup

Actually making the Pumpkin Soup is simple, assuming your farm house has a kitchen.

Despite how long it takes to get the actual recipe for this dish, Pumpkin Soup is not all that demanding. You only need two ingredients: A Pumpkin and a Bottle of Milk.

You can grow pumpkins yourself, but they only grow in the Fall — unless you have the Greenhouse — and take 13 in-game days to grow. There are sadly no other ways to get pumpkins.

For milk, you can raise either cows or goats to get some. There’s also a chance that Sandy will give you some if you talk to her. Once you have the ingredients, you need to have an upgraded Farmhouse with a kitchen to cook, or use a Cookout Kit (whose recipe comes from Foraging level 9) outside. Simply combine the ingredients and you’ve got the soup.

Other Sources

If you don’t feel like cooking, Pumpkin Soup can be obtained from one of several merchants. The Traveling Merchant (Festival of Winter), Krobus (Saturday, randomly), and the Stardop Saloon (rotating stock) all sell the soup. If you’ve unlocked the Skull Cavern, there’s a chance to encounter some Pumpkin Soup whenever you search a treasure room.

Use In Tailoring

If it weren’t already obvious, Pumpkin Soup can be applied to the Dye Barrels to produce orange dye. By putting it through a Sewing Machine, you can get an orange shirt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do villagers like Pumpkin Soup?

Though it could be considered a hassle, Pumpkin Soup is well-liked by the whole town. It’s loved by Sebastian and liked by almost everyone else. The only people who hate it are Leo, Willy, and Krobus.

Is Pumpkin Soup used in any quests?

You’ll go through quite a lot just to get your hands on Pumpkin Soup, but it’s never required for any quests or requests on the bulletin board. You’re better off keeping it for questing into the Mines or Skull Cavern since it raises Luck and Defense while also healing and restoring energy quite a bit.