Stardew Valley Purple Mushroom Location | Where to Find

Mushrooms in Stardew Valley can produce magical qualities in the right hands and with the correct ingredients. And the purple mushroom is no exception. This rare item cannot be found by simply traveling down the street. Instead, the player will need to put in some foraging work before they can get one. We have a few locations for you to refer to, so be sure to check out our guide below.

Where to Find Purple Mushrooms in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Where to Find Purple Mushroom

There are a few different locations to find purple mushrooms in Stardew Valley. The Mines are generally a good place to start. Starting at level 81, they’ll begin to pop up at random, and they’re easily distinguished by their rare purple color.

The next promising location is the Skull Cavern, but you must have unlocked it first with the Skull Key. If you did, then you’re set to go back on your quest for the magic mushrooms.

Lastly, there’s a mushroom cave in Ginger Island that is able to spawn new mushrooms every day. All you need to do is demolish the boulder blocking its entrance to gain access. Doing so will also free Professor Snail, who can later be found at the Island Field Office.

The purple mushroom can be found in some of the game’s more uncommon areas. In other words, these locations wouldn’t come to mind if you’re out looking for them. For bizarre reasons unknown, a purple mushroom can be found in garbage cans once players reach the end of The Mines. Sometimes, some of the folks during the Feast of the Winter Star might present to you a gift in the form of a purple mushroom. It can occur with most of the attendants, but not everyone is going to be carrying mushrooms with them at a party.

This mushroom is quite rare, which is why it’s used to craft the Life Exilir, a potion that can fully restore your health. To create one, you will need one Purple Mushroom, one Red Mushroom, one Morel, and one Chanterelle. You can also sell it for a fair price at 500g.

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