Stardew Valley Purple Star | Getting Purple Star items

Stardew Valley Purple Star

There’s nothing quite like tilling, sowing, and reaping some Grade A pixelated produce. Long hours at the keyboard spent working long day and night cycles in the field; it’s a simple life, it’s an honest life. So at the end of the day in Stardew Valley, there’s no better feeling than having harvested and produced a superb crop. However, the Stardew Valley Purple Star is reserved for the best of artisan items, and provides plenty of value. Here’s how to get Purple Stars in Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley Purple Star Items

Stardew Valley Purple Star

Romanticizations of virtual farming life aside, Stardew Valley has a few mechanics and items that are still perplexing some players. It’s a game with a vastly detailed harvesting system, after all. It can be difficult to maximize points and earnings, but that’s where the exceptional Purple Star items come in handy. They fetch quite a high price at market. 

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So how does one go about obtaining a Stardew Valley Purple Star item? Well, there are two ways: crafting and foraging. Those are the two methods of resource acquisition in Stardew Valley, and both can be optimized towards yielding Purple Star drops and harvests. 

Stardew Valley Purple Star | Artisan Items

Stardew Valley Purple Star

Crafting Purple Star items is a fairly straightforward, but a bit time consuming. First off, players need a fully upgraded house. This involves a lot of grinding, but it’s worth it. After the house is fully upgraded, a basement upgrade needs to be obtained from an NPC known as Robin. During her work day, she can be found at the Carpenter’s Shop. After hours, she’s found in the surrounding mountain area.  

Once the house and basement are fully upgraded, players can start on some of those Purple Star items. The only types of items that can be upgraded to Purple status are luxury items, such as wine and cheese. Once they’re crafted, place them in casks in the basement, and simply wait. Once they’re done fermenting, they’ll emerge as pricey Purple items. 

Foraging Purple Stars in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Purple Star

If players wish to forage Purple Star eggs and such, then upgrading a few skills is necessary. The chances of finding such valuable drops without any upgrades are virtually zero. With the right skill advancements, almost every item can be a Purple item. 

The Foraging skill tree is the only one that will yield consistent high level items. Essentially, it has to be maxed out, all the way to level 10. After getting there, it’s important to pick the Botanist profession. This skill causes all found items to be of the highest level possible. 

Hopefully these tips and tricks make the farming life a little easier for all the Stardew Valley players out there. By upgrading houses and basements to their max, and picking the right skill advancements early on, earning tons of gold should be much easier.