Stardew Valley Rabbit Foot | Luck increase and location

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For some Stardew Valley players, finding a rabbit’s foot is an unlucky challenge. Likewise, the in-game description isn’t exactly clear about what the rabbit’s foot does. Still, you will need one to upgrade the community center and avoid heartbreak during the Group 10-Heart Event. So, here is how to get a Stardew Valley rabbit foot and use it to increase your daily luck.

Does a Rabbit’s Foot Increase Luck in Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley Rabbit Foot

In the game, luck boosts drop rates and lowers the chance of negative effects, such as lightning storms or your spouse becoming jealous. For that reason, you won’t want to miss out on any chance you get to increase your daily luck in Stardew Valley.

On its own, the rabbit’s foot doesn’t affect your daily luck stat. However, it can be used to earn a permanent luck boost if you follow the clues for Secret Note #20.

The Secret Note #20 quest will lead you to a truck outside Joja Mart. Simply interact with the driver and he will request a rabbit’s foot. In exchange for the rabbit’s foot, the driver will give you a special charm, permanently increasing your daily luck stat.

What is a Rabbit Foot Used for in Stardew Valley

The rabbit’s foot has a few uses in Stardew Valley and there are many ways to obtain one.  For example, players will need a rabbit’s foot to complete the enchanted bundle, which upgrades the community center. Additionally, rabbit’s foot also allows you to continue dating everyone in the Group 10-Heart Event.

Likewise, everyone except for Penny loves the rabbit’s foot. As we know now, the solution to Secret Note #20 also requires a rabbit’s foot. So, there is always a reason to continue searching if you still need one.

Where to Find a Rabbit Foot in Stardew Valley

As we mentioned earlier, there are a few different locations that players can find a Stardew Valley rabbit foot. We’ve listed them all below and have provided some more information on the different locations that you can find them.

  • Deluxe Coop
  • Traveling Cart
  • Skull Cavern

First, once you own a deluxe coop, you need to adopt rabbits (8,000g each) from Marnie’s Ranch. After you purchase the rabbits, pet them, let them eat grass, and lock them inside before 6 p.m. every day.

This combination helps the rabbits maintain high friendship and mood. Both stats are necessary for them to drop a rabbit’s foot automatically. Remember: Daily luck also increases the chance of the rabbit’s foot dropping.

Stardew Valley Rabbit Foot

Next, you should visit the Traveling Cart whenever possible for a chance to simply purchase a rabbit’s foot. If the cart has one in stock, the rabbit’s foot will cost 1,695-2,825g. The cart’s items are random, so visit it every Friday, Sunday, and daily during the Night Market event (Winter 15-17).

Lastly, serpents in the Skull Cavern have a 0.8% chance of dropping a rabbit’s foot. Unfortunately, luck buffs from food don’t affect the rabbit’s foot drop rate. So, your best bet is to bring a burglar’s ring for double the chance of loot.

Now that you know how to find a rabbit’s foot in Stardew Valley, start your search and complete Secret Note #20 for an even better chance of finding more!

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