Stardew Valley Radioactive Ore | How to Get

The wide variety of spectacular achievements in Stardew Valley comes at no shortage for explorative farmers. A certain taste for adventure can bring great treasures to those who seek them. One such treasure is the Magic Bait, an item powerful enough to catch fish at any time in any season within any body of water. But if you are to make one, you’re going to need another rare commodity: Radioactive Ore.

How to Get Radioactive Ore in Stardew Valley

How to Get Radioactive Ore in Stardew Valley

Radioactive Ore can be found inside the Mines where you’ll embark on the Danger In The Deep quest from Mr. Qi. This quest will see your farmer delving into the deepest reaches of the Mines. By engaging in this quest, your chances of encountering Radioactive Nodes greatly increases, as does your chance of finding Radioactive Ore.

You can visit Mr. Qi at Ginger Island once you’ve acquired 100 golden walnuts. At that point, locate the Shrine of Challenge on the 120th floor of the Mines. This will spawn Radioactive Nodes, but only when the enemies turn “dangerous” upon the switch. Look for the glowing green Radioactive Nodes among the other resources nearby then proceed to mine them into Radioactive Ores.

Activating the Shrine of Challenge is a promising way to get Radioactive Ores. Of course, it does increase the difficulty of the enemies, so be prepared for a tough fight in the Mines. It will also give you a better chance of getting more valuable items and resources during your combative run underground.

If the Mines is a location you’d prefer to steer clear from, you could visit the Skull Cavern for the Skull Cavern Invasion quest. It’s another Mr. Qi quest, and it tasks you with enduring 100 levels littered with enemies. Doing this quest will provide you with the item in question, but it won’t be as present as it is in the Mines.

Making the Magic Bait

Once you do have Radioactive Ores in your inventory, you can start crafting together the Magic Bait. It requires only one Radioactive Ore and three Bug Meat to make. Once assembled, you can then go off fishing on your accord. Players can also smelt the ores with a Furnace to generate a Radioactive Bar, which will need five Radioactive Ore and one Coal. Radioactive Bars are used to craft the Heavy Tapper and Hopper, so mining on a few extra nodes won’t hurt if you need these items in your inventory.

Be careful when gifting these radioactive materials, by the way. With the exception of Maru, everyone in town will hate anything radioactive being given to them (as they should). It’s probably best to just use them for the goodies we mentioned here to be on the safe side.

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