How to Catch Red Mullet in Stardew Valley

While the extremely rare fish in Stardew Valley are items of great worth and value, it pays to remember your basic fish too. It’s true that they might not be flashy or specifically powerful in any category. But, fish like the Red Mullet in Stardew Valley are what you have to deal with early on. These little fellas are probably the most common beach fish in the seasons that you can find them. So, let’s discuss what is interesting about these common catches!

The Red Mullet is a little red fish that makes a cheap and handy resource for cooking.

These little fellows are probably the most common beach fish in the seasons that you can find them. So, take a break from learning how to remove bushes or rotate your furniture. It’s time to discuss what’s so interesting about the simple Red Mullet!

Red Mullet Locations in Stardew Valley

The Red Mullet of Stardew Valley is a fish that spawn in the Beach location during Summer and Winter. They can be caught from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. along the water, and are fairly easy catches for even the newest fisherman. They can be caught at the Beach Farms, one of several different farm types, if players begin with that farm. They can also be purchased for an exorbitant price from the Traveling Cart.

The best place to catch Red Mullet is at the beach south of town.

The Red Mullet is an ocean fish that can be caught on the Beach. It exists from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. during the Summer and Winter seasons, and shares a slot with several other very common fish. You can only catch it outside of these hours and seasons with Magic Bait.

It is a relatively low-quality fish, sitting along the same 75g price threshold as the Albacore, Bullhead, Sandfish, Sea Cucumber, Tilapia, Woodskip, and Salmon. This makes it relatively expensive but not exactly what you go to the beach to farm.

As of the most recent patch of Stardew Valley, there is no other location for the Mullet. While several fish, like the difficult-to-catch Octopus, have made their way over to Ginger Island, the mullet isn’t as lucky.

Despite being an easy catch during the summer and winter seasons, there aren’t many other ways to obtain this fish. The Traveling Cart sells it, although it’s for 50% more than its Iridium selling price. Otherwise, there’s not much to do about it.

Red Mullet Recipes and Crafting

Red Mullets are used in the standard recipes that can utilize “Any Fish.” These recipes include Maki Rolls, Quality Fertilizer, and Sashimi. This fish isn’t used in any bundle, but it can be used at the Tailor to make a Sailor Shirt or create red dye. It also can be placed in a Fish Pond to make its relatively cost-effective Roe.

The Red Mullet is a fantastic choice for the generic fish-based recipes available in Stardew Valley. Both Maki Rolls and Sashimi are fine options for healing and energy production due to their low investment. Most characters also like these food.

Quality Fertilizer is a good option for growth at the low price of 2 Sap and 1 Fish. While far from the cheapest fish from the game, the Red Mullet is almost guaranteed to clog a Fisher’s inventory during the Summer and Winter. So, make some value from it!

The Mullet is also quite boring to make a Fish Pond out of. It only produces its Roe, which does sell for 67g. That’s not terrible, especially for a starting fish.

Finally, it can be turned into a Sailor Shirt. This shirt is created by many beach fish, so the Mullet’s not particularly special here, either.

Do Villagers Like Red Mullet?

No villager particularly likes a Red Mullet as a gift designed to raise their friendship. Most villagers dislike the fish, while Evelyn, Haley, and Pierre actually hate it. Turning it into Sashimi – a recipe obtained by befriending the strange Linus – makes it infinitely more likeable.

While throwing a raw fish at NPCs won’t make you many friends, you can spend the time to make it a food that almost everyone likes. Maki Rolls are only disliked by Krobus, Leo, Emily, and Evelyn. Sashimi is loved by Sebastian, while only Krobus, Leo, Emily, Evelyn, and Kent hate it. Willy is neutral to both meals, but everyone else will very much appreciate the food offering!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Clothing Does Red Mullet Make?

A Red Mullet will create a Sailor Shirt at the Tailor. It can also be turned into red dye at Haley’s and Emily’s house.

Is Red Mullet Used In Quests?

Yes, the Red Mullet is used for Item Delivery and Fishing quests. Item Delivery quests automatically sells the fish for a high price and grants Friendship Points, while the Fishing quest simply provides extra money over selling it. 10 Red Mullet may be traded at the Special Orders Board outside of the Mayor’s Manor to get the Farm Computer recipe.

Can You Catch Red Mullet Off-Season?

Yes, you can catch Red Mullet off-season by using the Magic Bait in the standard Beach Biome of the Valley. However, it will be competing with every other Beach fish, making it somewhat unlikely that you will get the Mullet that you want.