How To Get Refined Quartz In Stardew Valley

There are a lot of processes and items to become familiar with in Stardew Valley, like Refined Quartz. Of course, since you’ll start out with next to no knowledge about anything, you’ll need to spend some time gaining experience and leveling up the appropriate skills.

How to get Refined Quartz in Stardew Valley

Thankfully, you can very quickly gain access to the Furnace, which will be quite a boon to you as you get further into your career. It’s needed to produce some materials that are necessary for more advanced Recipes, better equipment, and of course, getting some Refined Quartz as well. Of course, you’ll need some Quartz to get started.

What Is Refined Quartz?

Exploring the mines and breaking apart rocks and geodes is a great way to find Quartz for refinement

Refined Quartz is considered an artificial material since there’s very little chance to find it in the wilderness. Simply put, it’s a polished form of Quartz and is needed to craft certain objects. It takes the form of a rounded rectangular brick that has a bright center color and a light purple border.

The most common way to get Refined Quartz is to smelt a piece of regular Quartz in your Furnace. It takes about 90 in-game minutes to complete this process. But, naturally, before you can get started on refinement, you need to build yourself a Furnace.

How to Make A Furnace

You'll need a furnace in order to make your own Refined Quartz

The Furnace is one of the earliest and most useful recipes that you can craft. You’ll gain the recipe once you find some Copper Ore, which you can gain from breaking rocks on your farm, around Pelican Town, or in various Mine levels. Once you find your first Copper Ore, you’ll get a letter from Clint the Blacksmith the next day with the Furnace recipe. To actually build it, you’ll need 25 Stones (earned by breaking rocks) and 20 Copper Ore (from breaking rocks and mining geodes).

Other Ways To Find Refined Quartz

You can often find rare items in Garbage Cans around town

There are multiple methods to get this useful material, including various crafting processes. After getting the Furnace recipe, there’s a chance to find it in Garbage Cans around the town. Instead of Quartz, you can put Fire Quartz into the Furnace to get three Refined Quartz instead of one.

You get also get some using a Recycling Machine by feeding it Broken Glasses or Broken CDs. If you have a Fish Pond, you can fill it with Ghostfish to get Refined Quartz once their population gets to 9. In the Mines, there’s a small chance to mine it from large crystals or loot them from Ghost enemies. In the Skull Caverns, Carbon Ghosts have a 1 in 10 chance to drop the refined mineral when defeated.

Crafting Uses For Refined Quartz

Refined Quartz is used in some of the best crafting recipes

Refined Quartz is used in a number of crafting recipes, often for very useful objects and machines. The Farming elements that require one bar of Refined Quartz are the Quality Sprinkler, which water eight adjacent tiles; the Garden Plot, which let you grow whatever you want indoors; and the Lightning Rod, which draws lightning strikes and turns them into batteries.

As for decor, this refined mineral is used in the Crystal and Cobblestone floor tiles. Among the most demanding and useful crafting recipes that each need 10 bars of Refined Quartz are the Solar Panel, which turns sunlight into batteries, and the Farm Computer, which analyzes and displays farm data.

You’ll also need 10 bars of Refined Quartz in order to make a building known as the Slime Hutch, which lets you raise Slimes that produce Slime Balls. In terms of clothing, you can put it in the Sewing Machine to create a white shirt with a gold hem, and it can also be used to make purple dye.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Refined Quartz used in Community Center Bundles?

This is a required part of the Remixed Engineer’s Bundle for the Boiler Room, but you’ll need at least five bars for it.

Do Villagers like it as a gift?

Despite how useful it is, Refined Quartz is not a popular gift. There is not a single person that likes it and Clint is the only one who’s indifferent to it. Everyone else dislikes it and Same seems to hate it. You’re better off keeping it for yourself and crafting with it, since it sells for a paltry 50 Gold.

Is Refined Quartz required for any quests?

This material has a chance to appear as a “Help Wanted” request on the Bulletin Board for a small reward of 150 Gold and some Friendship points. They’re also a quite popular request among fish in your Fish Pond.