Stardew Valley Roe | How to Get

Roe in Stardew Valley refers to eggs that fish produce in Fish Ponds. They can be used for a few different things in the game, including to make caviar, which sells for a high price! Almost all fish in Stardew Valley that can be put in a fish tank can produce roe. If you want to know how to farm this material, keep reading our guide!

How to Get Roe in Stardew Valley

How to get Roe in Stardew Valley

To get roe in Stardew Valley, you need to make fish produce it from inside a fish pond. The Fish Pond itself is a type of farm building you can purchase from the Carpenter’s Shop. It takes a while to be constructed, and it occupies an area of 5×5 squares. Once constructed, you can put in a fish and start producing roe.

Here is what you need for the Fish Pond:

  • 5,000g
  • 200 stone
  • 5 green algae
  • 5 seaweed

Once your fish pond is ready, drop your fish inside so they can start producing what you want. You can place it into a Preserves Jar to create a higher-value Artisan Good.

If you’re going to get into the caviar market, you might want to use Sturgeons in the Fish Pond instead of other fish. You can find them in the mountain lake, near the entrance of the mines. The fish will be there throughout all summer and winter. Caviar is a great gift to almost all characters, except for Jas, Sebastian, and Vincent. Curiously, the exact same goes for Aged Roe.

Although you can use roe as a gift, all NPCs will have a neutral reaction to it. Sturgeon Roe is the only variety that’s considered more valuable, and that’s because Sturgeon Roe can be used to make Caviar. Aged Roe is worth twice as much as the normal one, but Sturgeon is worth so much more. You can sell Caviar for 500g.

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