Stardew Valley Secret Woods | How to Access

Stardew Valley Secret Woods

Stardew Valley is a game that, like many others in its genre, is filled with a ton of different secrets that the player can just stumble upon by accident. One of these secrets in the game is known as the Secret Woods. These woods are really interesting and house some unique items if you can get inside and find them. So how do you find and get inside of the Secret Woods in Stardew Valley?

How to Access Secret Woods in Stardew Valley

Secret Woods Stardew Valley

The Secret Woods is, probably kind of obvious, an outdoor area. It can be found in the northwest corner of Cindersnap Forest. The entrance will be initially blocked by a fallen log that can be removed with a Steel Axe and above.

Once you get inside the Secret Woods, you’ll find seasonable forgeables. There will also be slimes in the forest that will attack you, so be ready for that. The monsters that are slain in this area also have a chance to drop Mahogany Seeds. So if you want some of those seeds be ready to take out the slimes.

The Secret Woods contains six Large Stumps that regrow daily and can be harvested for a total of 12 Hardwood each day. Four of the stumps are in the upper part of the woods and two are found by walking through one of two covered passages to a smaller lower area.

Lastly, the Secret Woods is home to the Old Master Cannoli Statue. If you give the statue a Sweet Gem Berry, it’ll give you a Stardrop in return. If you’re playing Stardew Valley in multiplayer, then only one player needs to give one Sweet Gem Berry and all the players in the game will get a Stardrop.

Keep in mind that villagers do not appear in the woods, so you can safely place any items in the area.

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