Stardew Valley Sewers | How to Unlock

The Sewers may not sound like a pleasant location to explore in Stardew Valley, but it certainly has its benefits. Gaining access to the Sewers isn’t so fast and easy, though. In order to unlock the area, you’ll need to get a certain item from Gunther. He’ll need something from you as well, so you might need to pack in some hours before you can gain access to the Sewers.

How to Unlock The Sewers in Stardew Valley

How to Unlock the Sewers in Stardew Valley

You can unlock the Sewers by obtaining the Rusty Key you’ll get for donating 60 items to the Museum. These items are generally artifacts and minerals, and there’s no specific input on what you should donate. Once the 60 items have been given away, Gunther will thank you for your charity and will reward you with the Rusty Key. You can then proceed to the entrance of the Sewers.

The one location most players are familiar with is the sewer cover in the south of Pelican Town right. It’ll be right next to 2 Willow Lane where Emily and Haley reside. The other location can be found through the grates within the south of Cindersap Forest.

The Sewers give players access to new features and items they wouldn’t find on the surface of Stardew Valley. Firstly, Krobus, a friendly monster, will sell you some valuables that are more on the spiritual side of the trade. And since he’s technically a shadow being, his shop will be open at all times. The Sewers never close so if you need a Void Egg or the Monster Fireplace, feel free to stop by Krobus at any time. Additionally, Krobus will be an active NPC for the Dark Talisman quest where he’ll lead you into the Mutant Bug Lair. Here, you’ll be able to catch a few unique fish while also going toe-to-toe with slimy sewer bugs.

Within the Sewers will also be the Statue of Uncertainty. This incredible structure allows the player to switch professions as long as they donate 10,000g. The phenomenon will occur the following day after the donation with the “Choose a profession” screen popping up that night after slumber.

Donating to the Museum is a necessary part of the mission here. Gunther will give you the Rusty Key for the Sewers, but he’ll also handsomely award you for continuous donations. Plus, you get to change the layout of the place as well to make really make it your own. So be sure to visit Gunther every now and then. The Museum is in dire need of items.