Stardew Valley Sewing Machine | How to unlock, make and dye clothes

Stardew Valley Sewing Machine

With update 1.4, developer Concerned Ape released a variety of features for Stardew Valley players to enjoy across all platforms. One of these features is the sewing machine, which is a pretty big deal, as it allows players to create new clothing, dye clothing, and even transfer stats from boots. However, it isn’t readily apparent how to use the sewing machine or even how to trigger the even to unlock it. Here’s everything you need to know about the Stardew Valley sewing machine and how to use it.

Stardew Valley Sewing Machine | How to trigger the event

First up, you need to trigger the event that unlocks the Stardew Valley sewing machine. To trigger the event, you need to have one cloth in your inventory.

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Cloth comes from a variety of sources, like the loom, by recycling newspaper in the recycling machine (after level 4 fishing), by completing the field research bundle in the community center, killing creatures in the caverns and more.

One caveat to obtaining a sewing machine is that you need to acquire cloth manually, meaning if you are playing on PC and use, for example, the Automate mod, there is a chance the event won’t trigger.

After you’ve acquired at least one cloth, all you need to do is wait until the next day and exit your farmhouse after between 6 am and 11 am (when it is not raining), at which point Emily will appear to tell you about her sewing machine.

After the cutscene, you can head to Emily and Haley’s house on 2 Willow Lane (open from 9 am to 8 pm) to use the sewing machine at your leisure. It is located in a new room at the bottom end of their house.

Stardew Valley Sewing Machine

Check out the map above to see where the Stardew Valley sewing machine is located.

Stardew Valley Sewing Machine | How to make and dye clothes

At the Stardew Valley sewing machine, you can create a variety of clothing, namely shirts, skirts, pants, and hats. Furthermore, you can also dye clothes and transfer stats from shoes/boots. However, it’s worth noting that you cannot dye the clothing you chose at the start of the game.

Stardew Valley Sewing Machine
[Image Credit: StardewValleyWiki]

With that in mind, creating new clothes is pretty straight forward as you can see from the sewing machine interface image above.

Each piece of clothing requires one cloth and at least one other ingredient. All you need to do is place a piece of cloth (or clothing if you want to dye a piece) in the left-hand section and an ingredient in the right-hand section, then experiment until your heart’s content.

Part of the fun here is experimenting and making some really cool items. One of our favorites is the Black Leather Jacket which requires Cloth, Pale Ale, Beer, Wine (any type) and Mead to create.

Lastly, you can transfer states from boots/shoes to another pair. To do this, place the boots with the stats you want to transfer on the spool (top right) and the boots you want the stats to transfer to at the bottom left in the feed. Note that the boots in the spool will be destroyed in the process.

Stardew Valley Sewing Machine | Prismatic Clothing

Everyone loves shiny stuff, and what is shinier than prismatic items? Creating prismatic clothing via the Stardew Valley sewing machine follows the same steps as regular clothing.

You need a Prismatic Shard and Cloth, but here’s where things get a bit different. You cannot choose which of the five prismatic clothing items you want to create. Instead, you will be given a random piece of prismatic clothing from the following five options:

  • Prismatic Shirt – It has short sleeves with a prismatic rectangle on the front
  • Prismatic Shirt with white sleeves
  • Prismatic Shirt with black sleeves
  • Prismatic Pants
  • Prismatic Genie Pants

Keep in mind that Prismatic Shards are extremely rare and you can get duplicates of the same item, so use at your own peril.

So there you have it, everything you need to know about the Stardew Valley sewing machine, including how to trigger the event, using the machine, dyeing clothes, and creating those shiny prismatic clothing items.

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