How to Get Snow Yam in Stardew Valley

It doesn’t take too long to figure out that seasons play a very big role in Stardew Valley. While the in-game calendar isn’t the same as ours, every season pretty much only lasts 30 days. And these unique seasons offer different crops and forage items, such as Snow Yams.

During different seasons, you’ll gain access to different types of plants to grow as well as different fish to catch and new vegetation to forage. The Winter season can be one of the most daunting since many things can’t grow in the snow and the cold. This is a different story for the Snow Yam, which you can try to find or grow for yourself. However, while common, this foraged item can be rather elusive. Fortunately, they aren’t too hard to find if you know where to look.

Where to Find Snow Yam

As you can probably tell from the name, Snow Yams can only be found during the Winter season. They take the appearance of carrots with a white body and blue highlights. Like carrots, these curious veggies grow underground and can be found while foraging.

The highest chance to find them is by digging for them at Artifact Spots, indicated by three worms wiggling around on the location. Hitting that spot with a Hoe will pull up whatever it’s hiding, which has a chance to be a Snow Yam. If you’re looking outside your farm, there’s a low chance to find one when hitting any tillable soil in Winter. There are no merchants that sell them.

How to Grow Snow Yam

If you’re aiming to grow these hardy cold-weather vegetables on your Farm in Winter (or in the Greenhouse), you need to get your hands on some Winter Seeds. These can be crafted once you learn the Recipe from getting your Foraging to level 7. Once you do, you’ll need a Crocus, a Snow Yam, a Winter Root, and a Crystal Fruit to create a pack of 10 seeds. Then, you can plant them as you would any crop and hope that they yield the crop in question. They take seven days to grow, which is a relatively fast time, and can be harvested using the standard method.

If you don’t feel like grinding your Foraging skills, there are other ways to get Winter Seeds. The Traveling Merchant will occasionally sell them, although at its typical exorbitant prices. Make sure you’re ready to pay such a high price for a relatively common item.

Alternatively, the Desert Trader can give you some in exchange for Spring Seeds. Beyond that, you can get them as rewards from the Skull Caverns and by completing the Winter Foraging Bundle in the Crafts Room. Lastly, if you have a Seed Maker, a Winter Root can be tossed in for some Winter Seeds.

Uses For Snow Yam

Snow Yams are a relatively ordinary crop, having a base value of 100 Gold, and able to be sold as high as 200 Gold. They’re not used in any Recipes (except crafting Winter Seeds) and aren’t effective as an adventuring snack. You can use them to complete the aforementioned Winter Foraging Bundle and if you put them into the Sewing Machine, you can get a crystal blue shirt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Snow Yam used in any quests?

There isn’t a lot of demand for Snow Yams, but there’s a chance that someone will request one on the Bulletin Board. The reward will net you 300 Gold and boost your Friendship with whoever requested it.

Do any Villagers like Snow Yam?

As a gift, the Snow Yam isn’t popular at all, with most people being indifferent to it to having negative feelings about it. The only Villagers who do like it are Harvey, Leah, and Linus.