How to Get Spring Onion in Stardew Valley

As expected in a farming game, Stardew Valley does have crops and profitable items that you’ll eventually move away from. Over time, some of the early game classics like Wheat become less valuable than other farming staples. The same thing goes for foraging, with the variety of goods changing quite a lot over the course of a couple of levels. The Spring Onion is a delicacy that you have to search for initially. What are these early-game delights used for, though? This guide will explain everything you need to know about these roots.

The Spring Onion might look like a farming item, but it's the first thing you're going to want to forage for!

Where to Forage Spring Onion

The Spring Onion can be foraged just north of the Sewers Entrance during the Spring. You’ll find their leaves poking out of the little patches of dirt on the Southeastern shore. Unlike most foragables in Stardew Valley, these onions can be picked daily. This makes them a valid farming option for exceptionally early foraging fanatics.

These onions poke out of the ground in a specific area, making them unique among most foragables, much like the Coconut. Rather than finding them along the ground once per week, you’ll have to go and pluck these daily! However, they only give minuscule experience, which means they aren’t the most useful thing in the game to pluck. If you have the time at the end of the day, though, they are guaranteed!

Other Ways to Get Spring Onion

The only other way to obtain Spring Onions in Stardew Valley is to purchase them from the traveling cart. These onions will cost you between 100g and 1,000g. Because you are guaranteed to find them all over the place in the Spring, and because they are not used for many specific recipes, it is not recommended to spend 12x the price of a standard Onion for them.

What Is Spring Onion Used For?

The Spring Onion is a fairly simple item, used primarily for very basic things.

Spring Onions are primarily used to grind early Foraging experience, though they can be sold for a very small profit. They can be given to Harvey, Leah, or Linus to improve their friendship. With the Remixed rules, they can possibly be placed in the Spring Foraging Bundle. Finally, they can be used in Tailoring to make a Spring Shirt.

Selling these crops is a testament to tedium. Earning 8g per plant, up to 16g if you manage to scoop an Iridium, is not exactly raking in the dough. By earning 8 Hearts of friendship with Jas and Vincent – the two kids of the town – you can get a unique passive that improves the selling price by five times the normal value. 40g for guaranteed foragables daily is still not the most profit you can make via foraging, but it is quite solid! Jas is a fan of cute things, like a Fairy Rose, Pink cake, or Plum Pudding, while Vincent likes fizzy drinks, grapes, and snails.

Despite the kids giving you the bonuses, these NPCs don’t like being gifted the onions they buff. Harvey, Leah, and Linus are the only people you should hand onions off to.

The Remixed rules for Stardew Valley randomize the bundles that you can get from the Community Center. The Spring Foraging Bundle with this ruleset adds the Spring Onion as a possible item that you must place in the slot. This is random, though, so not all Remixed Spring Foraging Bundles will feature them as a requirement.

The last use of this vegetable is to throw it into the Sewing Machine with some cloth to make the Spring Shirt. This lightly-colored shirt can’t be dyed, and you can only make it with a Spring Onion. That’s pretty cool! It’s a unique cosmetic just for you. It doesn’t provide any mechanical benefit, however, making its use limited.

Expert Tip

If you want to maximize the sell price of Spring Onions, picking the Gatherer Profession might suit you. Even though these Onions can never be doubled by the Gatherer’s passive, at level 10, you can at least guarantee Iridium quality grabs. That means each of them is worth a respectable 80g, a solid haul for Spring getting you 400g-800g per day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Spring Onions valuable?

Once you reach 8 Hearts of Friendship with Jas and Vincent, Spring Onions become pretty good, consistent farming options during the Spring. Before then, they are pitifully low-value, at a meager 8g.

Is Spring Onion used in any quests?

No quest requires Spring Onions, including random fetch quests.

What is Spring Onion Mastery?

Spring Onion Mastery is a permanent passive acquired from befriending Jas and Vincent, Pelican Town’s children. It permanently improves the crop’s sale price by quintuple. That means that, instead of selling for 8g per batch, you’ll sell them for 40g.