Stardew Valley Strange Doll Locations | Where to Find

While you’re playing Stardew Valley, you have a chance to come across a strange doll. These dolls have multiple uses, but they can be quite hard to find. Uncovering both dolls on your own requires a lot of luck, but a few tips can make the process simple. With this guide finding a strange doll will be a cinch.

Where to Find Every Strange Doll in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Strange Doll

To find a strange doll in Stardew Valley, you need to dig at specific artifact locations on the map. There are two strange dolls total, and in order to get both, you also need to find two secret notes. Once you’ve found the secret notes, you can locate the strange dolls by digging where the X marks the spot.

The first thing you will need when searching for both the green and yellow strange dolls are the two secret notes. But before you can start looking for those, you need to locate a magnifying glass. This part is easy: During the winter season, walk between the bus stop and the farm between 6 am and 4 pm to spot Shadow Guy. This shadowy figure will run into a bush, so follow him and interact. He’ll apologize and give you a magnifying glass.

Now that you have the magnifying glass, you can start looking for secret notes. These are hiding anywhere from trees and crops to monsters you kill. There is no guaranteed way to find any secret note as they spawn randomly. To top it off, these secret notes only have a small chance to spawn in the wild. The best way is to grow giant crops, as they have a 100% chance of spawning a secret note. Other effective ways of doing this are to check artifact spots, do some fishing, or check resource spots, though these have a much lower percentage chance of spawning.

After you’ve found the secret notes, you simply need to follow the map to the right location. To find the green strange doll shown in secret note 17, you should head north of the JojaMart next to the river. The doll will show up if you dig on the northernmost tile on the eastern side. Secret note 18 will guide you to the yellow strange doll, which is located in the Calico Desert. Go to the southeast area of the map and use a hoe just southwest of the bench to uncover the yellow doll.

With both strange dolls in hand, you’ll be able to create the Wumpus and Bobo shirts. Alternatively, you can donate them to the museum or give them to a friend.