How to Catch a Super Cucumber in Stardew Valley

Fishing in Stardew Valley can be one of the most intensive parts of the game. Finding exactly what you need is a test of patience, luck, and knowing your stuff. The Super Cucumber fish in Stardew Valley will absolutely test your knowledge about seasons and fishing spots.

This little Super Cucumber might seem a bit strange, but it is a pretty valuable item for any fisher!

It’s a pretty rare fish, and not used in many specific recipes. But, just like removing bushes or rotating furniture, knowing where to catch one is a lesson worth learning. Let’s talk about this mysterious fish, and the insanely specific Easter Egg that it provides!

Super Cucumber Locations in Stardew Valley

The Sea Cucumber can be caught from any Beaches in Stardew Valley during the Summer or Fall seasons. This includes the main beach south of the town and the shores of the Beach Farm. It can be caught during any season on Ginger Island’s South, Southeast, and West Ocean, as well as in the Pirate Cove. You can rarely find them in Garbage Cans or in the Traveling Cart, or during the Winter time, assuming you take part in the deep-sea submarine ride during Winter 15 to Winter 17.

Your first method of catching these fellas is from the beaches. The Sea Cucumber can spawn in the water of Stardew Valley’s oceans from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. It shares timing with Seaweed and Halibut during the summer and with Anchovies, Albacore, Eels, and Seaweed in the Fall. Because of that, it is a more consistent farm during the Summertime. This is a fairly difficult fish to catch, making higher-level rods a must-have for a consistent farming experience.

Ginger Island is less restrictive with seasons. You can find Sea Cucumbers on the island’s South and Southeast shore, as well as in Pirate Cove, from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. It only really shares a fishing pool with one additional fish, making it a more consistent farm on the island. Once you get to Ginger Island consistently, it’s a lot easier to farm these Cucumber friends!

Sea Cucumbers are most comfortable in the ocean, specifically the areas highlighted on this map.

Your final location is a very specific period in Winter. If you visit the Night Market Submarine on day 15 to day 17 of Winter, you have a tiny chance to hook a Super Cucumber. This is an infinitesimally small chance, so we don’t recommend making this your farming method.

In addition, the Statue of Endless Fortune produces one on Winter 17, the Wizard’s Birthday. That statue is purchased for 1,000,000g from an NPC at the Casino, so it’s usually a very endgame grab. It is usually a fair investment, compared to the rest of the crap at the Casino. It has a chance to spit out Iridium Bars, after all, and that’s really worth quite a bit!

Expert Tip

You don’t have to fish for Super Cucumbers if you don’t want to. It is technically possible to find them in Garbage Cans or on the Traveling Cart. This is not terribly wise, however, since the Traveling Cart will sell you the fish for up to 5x its base price, and Garbage Cans have a completely random loot pool based on the season.

Super Cucumber Recipes and Crafting

Super Cucumbers are used in any recipe that can utilize “Any Fish.” This includes Maki Rolls, Quality Fertilizer, and Sashimi. It can be used to make Tube Tops via the Sewing Machine or purple dye at Emily’s house. Finally, if put into a pond, it can produce Roe, Iridium Ore, or Amethyst — very valuable items compared to simple fish eggs.

We do not recommend using the Super Cucumber in any standard crafting recipe. Eating it straight-up heals for about as much as a Maki Roll or Sashimi by itself. It also sells for a lot more than any food item you can make with it: Its base price is 250g, up to 500g if it is Iridium Quality. And that’s not counting any bonuses from Fisher or Angler! No matter what quality this thing comes out as, you should be investing it directly into the profit machine.

The Fishing Pond is another reasonable way to invest. They reproduce relatively quickly, have mid-game materials for capacity-up, and can drop Iridium Ore or Amethysts once you cap their population. It isn’t the most efficient way to make these minerals, but these are some high-rarity things to come out of essentially nothing. And their Roe is acceptable, too; their base price of 250g gives you 155g Roe. That’s nothing to shake a stick at!

Your Tailoring options are the Tube Top or Purple Dye. Both of these are fine cosmetics, if you’re into them. They offer no mechanical benefits or stat buffs. But, everyone looks good in a well-dyed Tube Top!

Do Villagers Like Super Cucumber?

Only one villager likes a gift of Super Cucumbers, and that’s the Wizard, your main source of Prismatic Slime. Every other villager in the game is neutral to them, dislikes them, or hates them. Evelyn, Haley, and Pierre will actively hate a gift of the purple cucumber.

The Wizard absolutely adores the Super Cucumber, however, which is hilarious. Apparently, this is one of his favorite things, as even the expensive Casino Statue will give you one! He likes a lot of purple items, but this might be the least expensive one to farm by far. This is a stellar way to rapidly build his Heart score. Remember to gift him one on Winter 17!

How to Get the ??HMTGF?? Statue

What even is this strange statue? Someone must either really like Cucumbers, or really despise them.

There is one thing that the Super Cucumber does that no other item does in the game, and that’s unlock the Easter Egg item known as ??HMTGF??. To unlock this statue, you need to place a single Cucumber in the brown box found inside of the fenced area just north of the Blacksmith in Pelican Town. To enter the location, head to the right side of the enclosure, where a tree hides the hole that lets you into the area. Once you place a cucumber there, you will get this odd statue.

This is a secret piece of furniture that doesn’t seem to do much on the surface. It doesn’t do anything under the surface, either! Like most pieces of furniture, you can push it around with tools or by holding left click. It offers no bonuses or improvements to your farm. It just looks a bit wonky, but… you know, every farm needs a statue like this to feel like home!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Super Cucumber Used In A Community Center Bundle?

No, the Cucumber is not a valid option for any Community Center bundle currently in the game. No standard or Remixed bundles will accept it as an option.

Can You Raise Super Cucumbers At The Fish Pond?

You can! The Super Cucumber Fish Pond has a relatively expensive path to its maximum occupancy of 10. However, you will be rewarded with expensive roe, rare drops of Iridium, and easy access to Amethyst.

Is Super Cucumber Required For Any Quests?

The only quest that you will need a Super Cucumber for is the Item Delivery randomly generated quest. During the Summer or Fall, one Cucumber may be asked. In return, you’ll get 750g and 150 Friendship with whoever posted the request.