Where to Find Topaz in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a world full of gorgeous materials to add to your collection. From diamonds to starfruit, the game combines the world’s most precious materials and actual fantasy. The Topaz is just one of many minerals in Stardew Valley that is just as rare and expensive in reality as it is in-game! Though, that does mean that it’s not as potent, at least compared to other gems,. Still, if you want a good, high-quality mineral, we’ve got your back! This guide will explain where to find it, how to farm it, and how to use it.

This small yellow lump might seem ugly compared to other gemstones, but Topaz is just as relevant as the other gems!

Topaz Locations in Stardew Valley

Topaz is a gemstone whose nodes can be found on any floor of the Mines, the Skull Cavern, or in the Quarry. It can also be randomly mined from Gem Nodes, which are found in many of the same places as the yellow node. You can also rarely find the yellow gemstone through defeating Dwarvish Sentries, through fishing, or through panning.

Out of all of the gemstones, Topaz are most prevalent. They are found on any floor of the Mine, but can also be found in the Skull Cavern and Quarry. This makes it fairly popular in the early game of mining and exploring, since most other gemstones — like the Ruby — have a floor requirement. It’s also worth noting that if you’re exploring the Quarry, you’ll want to get the Golden Scythe while you’re down there.

However, many of the standard ways of finding gemstones apply to finding Topaz. Panning has a minor chance of working out for you, though food and luck buffs will make finding the yellow stone less likely. Fishing Chests can occasionally have them, as can Gem Nodes. Dwarvish Sentries, specifically the ones from the Volcano Dungeon, have a 10% chance of dropping it, although they have the same chance to drop all gemstones.

What Is Topaz Used For?

The Topaz is a gemstone, and so can be used in the Forge to improve the Defense of your weapons. It is a very viable gift, with many villagers liking it. It is sometimes used in remixed bundles and can be used in tailoring to create a unique shirt. Finally, it is used in quite a few quests.

Forging is the most unique use of this gem. You can upgrade weapons at the Volcano Dungeon, specifically on Floor 10. When used as part of a forge, the yellow rock improves the Defense of the weapon by +1. This stacks with any pre-existing defense already put onto the weapon by natural effects, such as the Infinity Blade’s +2 to the stat.

Thankfully, that’s not all its used for. It can be sold for a modest 80g, which is fine. Its low price amongst the Gems makes it really good for gifting, since many villagers adore gems.

Other than random quests, you’ll need two of them to upgrade a Catfish pond, and one for the Rock Rejuvenation special order — so you can get your own Sewing Machine!

Expert Tip

Of all the available minerals, Topaz is the least expensive Universally Liked object in the game. It’s 80g to guarantee hearts on everyone except for Leah, Linus, and Pierre. Outside of vegetables, you can’t get a better deal.

Quickest Way To Farm Topaz

These rocks will be your primary source of Topaz, since you'd otherwise contend with too large a drop pool.

Because Topaz is the most common of the game’s Minerals, looking at the early levels of the Mine and at the Quarry tends to work best for farming it. It spawns the most often in the Quarry of the rocks, especially before you get too many Mining Levels.

Try to focus more on the Mines and Quarry to find more of this gemstone. While it can spawn in the Skull Dungeon, its competition is very fierce — the game considers the yellow gemstone to be an “unlucky spawn” there, since it’s a relatively low-rarity rock.

The early floors of the mines have very limited competition, however. It’s much easier to find the yellow stone there. Just scan the first 40 or so floors for it, since competition becomes rougher after that point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Topaz needed for Community Center bundles?

The Topaz is only an option for the Boiler Room bundle, Treasure Hunter’s Bundle (Remixed). This bundle can only appear with the Remixed ruleset turned on. And even then, it only has a chance of being an option.

Which Villagers like Topaz?

All villagers like Topaz. Clint, Dwarf, and Emily love the rock, while Leah, Linus, and Pierre dislike it.

Should I use Topaz when forging weapons?

We do not recommend using Topaz as one of your weapon’s forge slots. Getting additional damage or knockback is too important, and 1 Defense is never worth the trade-off.