Stardew Valley Treasure Chest Locations | How To Find

In Stardew Valleytreasure chests are a very valuable item that can be found and sold for a lot of money. Further, there are a couple of different treasure chest locations in the game that players can visit to try and find one of the highly desirable items. That said, in this guide, we will explain how to get Stardew Valley treasure chests and where to sell them.

How to Get Stardew Valley Treasure Chests

Stardew Valley Treasure Chests

As we mentioned earlier, there are several ways players can get treasure chests in the game. Specifically, players can get treasure chest by fishing and purchasing Artifact Troves. With fishing, players will first need to find a fishing chest to have a 15% chance of finding a treasure chest inside of it. However, it is also worth noting that this percentage can be increased by using a magnet or with the Treasure Hunter and Pirate profession. A combination of all three can increase your chances by 50%.

Moving on, the next way to get a Stardew Valley treasure chest through purchasing Artifact Troves, which are containers that can be bought from the Desert Trader for five Omi Geodes. You can also receive troves from Haunted Skulls once you complete the Vault Bundle.

In addition to the methods above, once players have found the magnifying glass, they’ll be able to find a treasure chest with Secret Note 16. 

Where to Find Secret Note 16

Stardew Valley Treasure Chest

In order to find Secret Note 16 in Stardew Valley, you must first encounter the Shadow Guy that can be found by visiting the Bus Stop between 6 AM and 4 PM during the Winter season. Once you’ve found him, follow his footsteps to a bush left of the Community Center to receive a magnifying glass.

This magnifying glass is what the player will need in order to find secret notes while digging, mining, fishing, chopping trees, and killing monsters. This method is probably the longest out of the ones listed so far, so due to this, we don’t recommend relying on this method to find the chests. But once you find Secret Note 16, you will need to dig one space right of a large boulder that is found north of the railroad tracks to find the treasure chest.

Where to Sell Treasure Chests in Stardew Valley

To sell treasure chests in Stardew Valley, you must put the chest in your shipping bin before going to sleep. Unfortunately, none of the merchants in town will accept the item, so the shipping container is your only option. If you don’t know already, the shipping bin is the large chest that is found to the far right of your house, towards the road that heads into town.

Once you find the shipping bin put the item inside and wait until the next day for the item to be sold for 5,000 Gold. With that said, this is everything we have so far on how to get treasure chests in Stardew Valley. Before you go, be sure to check out some of our other guides for this game, found in the links below.

Happy hunting! For more on the game, be sure to check out the Stardew Valley website.