Stardew Valley Treasure Chest | What Does It Do?

Secrets lie around the peaceful settlements in Stardew Valley so well that it’s easy to move past them. You might encounter a rare item on your way to town, or a fishing spot is begging for your explorative attention. Eventually, the sweet and poetic Elliot will share a tale of a sunken ship, where a treasure chest awaits. In the player’s heart, they seek this chest, but what can you do with it? Here’s what you need to know on what to do with the acquired treasure chest.

What Does the Treasure Chest Do in Stardew Valley?

What Does the Treasure Chest Do in in Stardew Valley - Secret Note 16

After digging up the X from Secret Note #16’s details, the treasure chest will be in your possession. It’s a highly rare item — so rare that it sells for 5,000g. If you’re fairly new to the game, that money can really help toward your overall progression. As for the seasoned players, you can always shift it into a cool pirate hat with the Sewing Machine.

Despite the legendary vibe the treasure chest exudes, there’s not a lot that can be performed with the item. Aside from obtaining an insane amount of money or fashioning it into a hat, it’ll just be in your inventory until it’s sold or put on display. Additionally, for whatever reason, the folks in the game aren’t fond of treasure chests. In other words, the option of gifting it is thrown out the window.

If you’re having trouble locating the secret location, speak with Elliot over at Pelican Town. He’s the more romantic type and will provide you with Heart Events that also consequently come with his original poetry. Talking with him at one point later on in the game will trigger a tale of his to tell, though not his. He’ll tell you about a pirate ship that had sunken sometime long, long ago. Because of this, a treasure chest may be lying somewhere in the waters.

Fishing for this particular chest will be a challenge if you casually fish for goodies. This pirate treasure chest is extremely rare, so sticking with Secret Note #16 is your best bet. Unless Lady Luck is on your side and you find it without the Note, then you’ll be filthy rich. But once you find Elliot in the library sometime during your connection with him, he’ll share the tale. It’ll save you a lot of time from fishing.

While the idea of keeping the treasure chest is awarding, receiving 5,000g is a major transaction that can do wonders for your character. Remember to keep on fishing for more rare items!

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