Stardew Valley Void Salmon | How to Catch

There are plenty of fish in the sea, especially within the surrounding waters of Stardew Valley. From the commonly-seen Carp and Catfish to the rare sightings of the Crimsonfish, villagers are able to catch a wide variety of them. Of course, fishing merely plays one role in Stardew Valley, but it allows you to acquire certain special types of fish depending on where you go. That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide on locating and catching a Void Salmon, a unique kind that’s been obscured by void energy. Allow us to show you the way, and be sure to bring your favorite fishing pole with you!

How to Catch Void Salmon in Stardew Valley

How to Catch Void Salmon in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley players can catch Void Salmon by fishing in the Witch’s Swamp, which is available to do in all seasons. The swamp in mind contains other fish, with Catfish, Green Algae, and White Algae also being obtainable. Additionally, you have a chance of getting yourself a Void Mayonnaise, though this only occurs when the Henchman is present in the Witch’s Hut. Simply cast your line into the water and fish away until you finally snag up the fish in question.

And quite the fish, it is. It possesses a high difficulty rating with a mixed attitude, giving villagers a run for their money. In fact, its gold values range from 150g to 300g; the Angler and Fisher skills can bestow higher values, with 450g being the highest. The base Energy/Health stats are set at 63/28, but you might find better use of it with The Missing Bundle. It’s in the deserted JojoMart, and the other components are Ancient Fruit (gold) Caviar, Dinosaur Mayonnaise, Prismatic Shard, and Wine (silver or better quality). Your Void Salmon must either be gold or iridium in order for it to be a part of the aforementioned bundle.

If you’re looking to navigate your way to the Witch’s Swamp, you only need to travel northbound toward the Railroad. There’s an entryway into a cave that’s leading northeast from the Railroad’s platform. Only through completed work with the Wizard can you then enter, which stems from either completing the Community Center bundles or the Joja Community Development Form.

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