Where is the Flower Dance in Stardew Valley?

The Flower Dance is one of the most fun ceremonies in Stardew Valley, and it’s a great way to raise your relationship status. It has a gorgeous cutscene that plays with your character involved, and it’s really important that you join in whenever possible! If you’ve ever had problems with getting someone’s relationship nice and high, it might be because you missed this festival!

Stardew Valley Flower Dance

Our guide will go over where the Flower Dance is in Stardew Valley, when you can go, and why it’s important. It’s even come to the point where every shop is closed for the festivities, as everyone will be in attendance. Let’s see what Mayor Lewis has planned for the people of Pelican Town.

Where is the Flower Dance Located?

The Flower Dance is located to the far west of the village, across from the bridge south of the Wizard’s Tower. This area is only available when the Flower Dance event is active, which is on the 24th day of every Spring. This area, the western part of the Cindersap Forest, is a small square area that is dedicated to the Dance in question, and is all about showing off your dance moves!

If you’re still having trouble with finding the Flower Dance, head to the Wizard Tower. This is to the south of your default farm, and the west of Marnie’s Ranch. If you find a bridge heading to the west, then you’ve found the location of the Flower Dance. All shops will be closed for the event, which might help give you the idea that the villagers are participating in something special.

Flower Dance Explained

Stardew Valley Flower Dance Event

The Flower Dance will improve any relationship where you’ve gotten at least four friendship hearts. It improves that relationship with one whole heart, which is a massive boost to your connection to that person. And all you need to do is ask them to the dance! You can even do this with same-sex relationships since dancing and grooving don’t discriminate in the Valley.

This is the only scene that occurs during the dance. Players can freely start up a dialogue with any Pelican Town resident for festival-related conversations. The actual dancing portion of the festival won’t commence until you speak with Mayor Lewis. After the fun has subsided, you’ll return home at 10 PM to get yourself a decent rest for the next day’s activities.

You can purchase new and seasonal cosmetics from Pierre’s booth during the day when the festival is active. These range from little flower pots to bigger floral arrangements. They all look very pretty, as the season of Spring will soon come to a close to welcome in the Summer heat. Just be sure to have some extra coin to spare in case you find something that would be a great addition to your Farmhouse.

Here is what Pierre will sell before the Flower Dance begins:

  • Ceiling Leaves – 400g (There are two versions, both priced the same)
  • Daffodil – 50g
  • Dandelion – 50g
  • Rarecrow – 2,500g
  • S. Wall Flower – 800g
  • Seasonal Decor – 350g
  • Seasonal Plant – 350g (There are two versions, both priced the same)
  • Tub o’ Flowers – 250g (Recipe for Tub o’ Flowers is priced at 1,000g)
  • Wall Flower – 800g
Stardew Valley Sam House

Failure to acquire any of these new decorative pieces will result in another year of waiting for the Flower Dance to commence once again. It occurs every 24th of the Spring season, which gives you ample time to save up for new items. This will also provide additional time to work on your relationships with the people of Pelican Town. Unless you’re married, you’re going to have to find someone who likes you just enough to swing and move with you in Stardew Valley.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it matter who you dance with at the Flower Dance?

Players can choose between any one of the game’s bachelors or bachelorettes for a dance during the festival. The people included are Abigail, Alex, Elliot, Emily, Haley, Harvey, Leah, Maru, Penny, Sam, Sebastian, and Shane.

Can you skip the Flower Dance?

Attending the Flower Dance festival is completely optional, for no penalty will be incurred. It’s an opportunity to purchase seasonal items, dance with your partner, and speak with every villager who is in attendance.

Who does no one want to dance with me?

If your Friendship hearts are not sufficient, you won’t be able to dance with any of the bachelors or bachelorettes. Four or more hearts are required. Otherwise, they will refuse to dance with you at the festival.