Stardew Valley | A Guide to the Wilderness Farm Map

In Stardew Valley you have the choice of seven different farms, all with their own unique benefits and biomes with conditioned permissions for all types of RPG adventurers. We have the Beach, Forest, Four Corners, Hill-top, Riverland, Standard, and Wilderness Farms to choose from.

Although we’re only looking at the final option for this guide – Wilderness Farm – it’s a noteworthy farm map that many players question whether to select this or not.

Stardew Valley Wilderness Farm Monsters

In this guide, we will be going over the farm map’s conditions that come packed with a punch. It’s known to be associated with combative players who aren’t afraid of danger – and that’s saying a lot for the people of Pelican Town.

With this in mind, here is everything you need to know about the Stardew Valley Wilderness Farm.

What is the Wilderness Farm?

Stardew Valley’s Wilderness Farm is one of the seven different farm types that players can choose when they start the game. However, it may not be recommended for beginners, because, unlike the other six maps, the Wilderness Farm encourages combat.

An abundance of Stone and Wood can be accumulated as you start up this farm map, with a couple of useful fishing spots to boot.

But that’s not where the danger comes into play. At night, enemies will spawn and will scale to the player’s current combat level – making some encounters quite dangerous more so than others.

In addition to this, the map is home to a unique enemy, the Wilderness Golem of Stardew Valley.

Stardew Valley Wilderness Farm Map Selection

Who are the Wilderness Golems?

Much like the Stone Golems that are found in the Mines, the Wilderness Golem variant will make its way to you slowly like a zombie. This seems appropriate to compare to in this case since the Wilderness brethren rise from the ground.

As aforementioned, the Wilderness Golem is a variation of a Stone Golem and acts in the same way. The Wilderness Golem has a base health of 30, base damage of 5, a base defense of 1, and a speed of 3. Further, it gives the player 5 XP upon being killed.

Where Do Wilderness Golems Spawn?

However, the Wilderness Golem can also spawn on the other maps if the player has given a Strange Bun to the Dark Shrine of Night Terrors in the Witch’s Hut.

With this particular food, you’ll have control over turning the enemy spawning on and off. Just be sure to not gift a Strange Bun to anyone in Stardew Valley, they all genuinely hate it.

Upon death, the Golem can drop the following items for the player, all with different drop rate percentages:

  • Coal
  • Diamond
  • Earth Crystal
  • Fiber
  • Iridium Ore
  • Living Hat
  • Mixed Seeds
  • Omni Geode
  • Prismatic Shard
  • Rice Shoot

The Wilderness Golem also plays a key role in Abigail’s story, she is one of the citizens of Pelican Town that you can date and marry and have a baby with. Be mindful of her 14-heart event that will take place in the Backwoods sometime during your gameplay if you’re pursuing a life with her in the Valley.

The Stardew Valley Wilderness Farm map also has a very rough terrain compared to the others. There is less farming space because of extra cliffs and the above-mentioned two ponds on the map, making growing a lot of crops difficult. At the ponds, the player can fish but has a higher chance of finding trash than an actual fish.

Stardew Valley Ocean at Night

Compared to the other maps, it seems the Wilderness map is meant to provide players with a more challenging experience, with more freedom to fight monsters on any given day.

Expert Tip

So, with all this said, if you’re on your first playthrough of Stardew Valley, we would recommend playing one of the other maps first – unless you’re looking for a challenge.

Just remember, once you choose one of the maps, you can’t change it without starting a new game.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of the Wilderness Farm in Stardew Valley?

Aside from hosting more Wilderness Golems than any other farm map, the Wilderness variant features 2,131 tillable tiles to coincide with the two ponds for fishing purposes. Furthermore, this is the ideal farm map for players who enjoy danger more than others on a daily basis.

Is the Wilderness Farm good?

Depends on the player. If you’re looking for the tranquil Stardew Valley farming life with quests and relationships without much trouble, then not so much. If you’re craving pixelated action where combat breaks out every night, then yes, definitely. It’s practically designed for combat-based Stardew players.

Where are the Wilderness Golems?

Within your Wilderness Farm, locate the Witch’s Hut to toggle the monster spawning either on or off. The former will summon the Wilderness Golems to rise up within the confines of your land.

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