How to Befriend The Wizard in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is home to many different friendly NPCs that you can interact with. Learning how to interact with many of the characters in this game is incredibly important. Some can give you recipes and items that would otherwise be impossible to gather. The Wizard, though, is a Stardew Valley resident that behaves very slightly differently than usual. However, he might be one of the most important ones to learn about! Let’s talk about M. Rasmodius and how you can best use his friendship to your advantage!

The Wizard might seem intimidating, but there are plenty of opportunities to become his friend!

Where to Find The Wizard

The Wizard can be found in the far west of the Cindersap Forest map. This map is located just below the Farm. It is located on a hill to the left of the large pond. He lives in his Tower almost all of the time, outside of very specific occasions.

The Wizard Tower is Rasmodius’ permanent home. He can be found there after you poke your head into the Community Center and look at a Bundle. Alternatively, his tower will unlock once you get a JojaMart Membership. This event is almost always preceded by him inviting you to his Tower in the mail.

Once the door is unlocked, you can enter the Tower between 6:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. As long as it is open, you’ll be able to talk to the Wizard. He won’t offer any items initially, however, and will just be here as a conversation partner.

The Wizard Tower, in all of its glory, sits in the Cindersap Forest

The first time that you talk with him, he will teach you all about the Jumino language, letting you help the small creatures in the Community Center. Without talking to the Wizard, you cannot progress down the Community Center Bundles line.

However, once you meet the Witch, complete the quest “Goblin Problem” by retrieving his Magic Ink, and get the Wizard to Four Hearts, a teleportation spot will appear between the Hut and Tower. This will let you visit the Tower after it closes down, simply by teleporting in through the basement.

How to Befriend The Wizard

Because the Wizard rarely takes part in random festivals and events, you can only befriend the Wizard through gifts and quests. He has universal Likes and Loves, as well as a thorough enjoyment of Purple Mushrooms, Solar Essence, Super Cucumbers, Void Essence, and Quartz. His various quests, such as “A Dark Reagent” and “Staff of Power,” will provide full hearts of Friendship with the character.

The Wizard is fairly easy to give gifts to, as he has a very simple list of Loves and Likes. Like all characters in Stardew Valley, he’ll take a Golden Pumpkin, Magic Rock Candy, Pearl, Prismatic Shard, or a Rabbit’s Foot gratefully. He’ll also take Artisan Goods, Cooked Goods, Flowers, Foraged Minerals, Fruit Tree Fruits, Gems, Vegetables, Life Elixirs, Maple Syrup, and Piña Colada very happily. He also likes all Geode Minerals, such as Tigerseye or Bixite.

The exception to his gifts include Purple Mushrooms, Solar Essence, Super Cucumbers, and Void Essence. These are all loved, and will give a massive amount of Friendship. Of these options, Void Essence might be the easiest to consistently farm for most players. Since Void Spirits drop them quite often, you can simply farm floors 80-120 of the mines for these shadowy monsters. They have a high chance to drop one, and a huge chance to drop two.

If you want to knock the Wizard out of the park with gifts, you can give him some on his birthday, the 17th of Winter. A loved gift, like a Purple Mushroom, on this day will grant over a full heart of friendship with the magical merchant.

There are two quests that give him friendship: “A Dark Reagent” where you give him Void Essence, and “Staff of Power” where you give him an Iridium Bar. These will provide a full heart. He may also ask for random monsters to be slain on Pierre’s “Help Wanted” Board, providing a significant number of Friendship Points.

Expert Tip

The Wizard only has a major event once you reach four hearts of friendship. As many of his loves and gifts are rather expensive, you don’t need to worry about getting him any friendlier. At four hearts, however, you’ll unlock his basement, which provides the Shrine of Illusion to change appearance and, eventually, a teleporter to the Witch’s Hut.

How to Get Obelisks

The four obelisks, and the mini-obelisks, are very important to maximizing your efficient day!

In order to unlock the ability to build Obelisks, you must first finish the Community Bundles or the JojaMart Development Form. Then, you must complete the quest “Dark Talisman” and “Goblin Problem.” Bring the Magic Ink to the Tower and you’ll access the Wizard’s Buildings, which include Obelisks, Jumino Huts, and the Gold Clock.

“Dark Talisman” unlocks after the Railroad cutscene. Talk to Krobus about it in the sewer, and then head through the Mutant Bug Lair mini-dungeon. For the “Goblin Problem,” you’ll have to bribe the Witch’s Henchman outside of her hut with Void Mayonnaise. This will get you the Ink that you need!

Interact with the Book to open a farm building menu, just like the Carpentry Shop. However, you’ll instead have three Obelisks to choose from, as well as the Hut and the Gold Clock. These do the following:

  • Obelisks: Teleport you to…
    • Earth: The Mountain
    • Water: The Beach
    • Desert: The Desert
    • Island: Ginger Island
  • Jumino Hut: Automatic harvest of crops near the hut itself.
  • Gold Clock: Prevents “time” from ruining your farm with debris or decaying fences

All of these items are massively expensive. They are designed to spend your hard-earned money to provide automated goods, like fast travel and automatic harvesting of crops.

Of these items, the Ginger Island teleport — the Island Obelisk — tends to save the most time. It’s expensive, at a price of 1,000,000g, 10 Iridium Bars, 10 Dragon Tooth, and 10 Bananas. But, you skip a lot of stuff for having one on your farm! Dodging the Boat cutscene and the headache of having to walk all the way over the the Boathouse is nice quality of life. However, whether it is worth 1,000,000g is another question.

The Gold Clock stands out as an item basically only for cosmetic purposes. Since debris is rare on a fully decked-out farm — and fences can be replaced by simply using Tea Saplings — you never really need this. However, it’s extremely pretty, and only costs gold to get. It’s a whopping 10,000,000g, but nothing else!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does The Wizard offer quests?

“Meet the Wizard,” “A Dark Reagent,” and “Staff of Power” are tutorial-like quests designed to help the player early. “Dark Talisman,” “Goblin Problem,” “A Curious Substance,” and “Prismatic Jelly” are all late-game quests designed to help you obtain several items. Then, you are occasionally asked for Monster Slaying by the Wizard through Pierre’s General Store board.

Does The Wizard ever leave his tower?

The Wizard will only leave his tower on very specific festival days. He likes to watch festivals from afar, rather than participate in them himself.

What is the Mini-Obelisk?

A Mini-Obelisk, whose recipe you can get by bringing the Wizard Ectoplasm when he requests it from the Special Orders board, is a small teleporter. Two of this device can be built to teleport the player between a pair of Mini-Obelisks. However, a third can’t be constructed, and you can’t use this while riding a Horse.