What Is the Almagest Casino Jackpot Code in Starfield?

Exploring the mid-game of Starfield functions a lot like the mid-game of a lot of Bethesda RPGs: wide open world, interesting dungeon ideas, and head-scratching puzzles. The Almagest Casino works just like that. The floating gambling hub is exactly what every nefarious space-exploring scoundrel wants to hit, and you have the opportunity to do so yourself.

The Almagest Casino is a space station floating around Nesoi.

The Almagest Casino orbits the small planet of Nesoi in the Olympus star system. It’s a somewhat spider-like station absolutely crawling with enemies, as it was abandoned a while ago. However, the spacers all talk about a jackpot that was not found quite yet. That’s something very much worth hunting for.

Where to Find the Almagest Jackpot Code

In order to solve the Almagest Jackpot, you’ll need to first find the Winning numbers. The code itself is found in the small reception area with three locked safes in the casino itself. There is a computer in that room that has the code — or, the “Winning Numbers” — on it.

The reception area can’t be walked to. Instead, you’ll be going to the waterhole of the casino. Head in through the entrance and turn right, dropping down. When you see the bar, take a left or right. You’ll need to fly upwards, using zero gravity – while you could use a jetpack boost, it’s not necessary while on Almagest. Turn back the way you were coming from and you’ll see the reception area to the left. It’s a small corridor with two windows that has fallen to disrepair.

The reception area has a handful of safes that you can pick your way through, as well as a science crate. However, we’re very interested in the computer that sits on one of the windowsill. The computer has the code on a document labeled “Jackpot Combination.”

If you read it, you’ll learn that the casino employees weren’t planning on letting anyone win their final jackpot. You’ll also learn that the winning numbers are 12, 19, 36, and 5. These numbers don’t seem to be randomized at all, so you should be fine just inputting them into the Jackpot immediately.

However, you aren’t putting them right into the reception area or anything. You’ll have to access the Jackpot backend to get that.

How to Solve the Almagest Jackpot

Once you have the code, head out of the Almagest Casino reception area towards the large Vault. Head below it to the right where a small square opening can be found and hop through. Climb up to access the Jackpot Backend and input the four numbers – 12, 19, 16, 5 – that you got from the computer. This will give you your payout.

The circular vault is off to the side of the bar, near the opening of the reception area. However, you can’t enter the vault itself. You actually just print the money out through the backend.

The jackpot itself is just a payout of 4,000 credits. Ugh, typical Bethesda reward. At least the spacers and other enemies that you mowed through likely had cool rare loot.

However, after you get your payout, you’ll also be able to find a bunch of contraband that you can pick up if you’re feeling spicy. Be sure to do so before heading back to your ship.

Where to Sell the Contraband Cache from Almagest Casino

Traveling to sell the Almagest Casino contraband is a risky venture in it of itself.

Selling contraband in Starfield is always a difficult task, and the contraband from Almagest Casino is no different. Pick up the four Mech Components and the heretic writings and bring them to whichever space port you’d like – they aren’t special or anything, so any space port will take them for about the same price.

Expert Tip

Contraband can be hard to move, so be sure to invest in scan jammers or shielded cargo holds if you want to prevent boarding. We like the Key, an authorized space port in the Kryx system, for its easy access to a Trade Authority and – usually – fairly lax security systems. However, without the persuasion skill, no space port has any particular want for contraband, outside of specific quests that will mark the contraband that they’re looking for.