How to Get and Use the Jetpack in Starfield

Getting around in Starfield comes in the form of interplanetary traversing and interstellar travel where light-year adventures are a reality. However, when it comes to footwork and embarking on quests as you move on your feet, you’ll eventually need to do more than run if you wish to get from point A to point B. That’s why Starfield utilizes jetpacks for players to equip and swap out as they progress through the game.

How to Get and Use the Jetpack in Starfield

Mainly known as Boost Packs, these little boosters act as your essential jetpack in Starfield. It doesn’t work like any other jetpack that may come to mind, however. As the name implies, it offers a boost for your character rather than acting as a familiar jet-powered device to help you fly into the air. But as players continue along in their journeys in Starfield, some are beginning to wonder how they can get their hands on a boost pack. It’s not known right off the bat, but there’s no need to worry here. This guide will direct you in the right way to obtain a jetpack for your player’s boost pack necessities.

How to Get a Jetpack

You can get a jetpack (or Boost Pack for those who refer to the database and Skill trees) by activating the Boost Pack Training Skill under the Tech skill tree. It begins right with Rank 1, which allows you to utilize boost packs whenever you have one equipped. While you may have been introduced to it during the narrative, you’ll need to unlock the skill if you wish to pilot a Boost Pack for your spacesuit.

If you don’t have one on your person, you can visit any vendor in the Settled Systems that deals in the Trade Authority. These are not the Ship Services Technicians, who are responsible for selling ship parts for you to look through and purchase. The Trade Authority sells a wide variety of goods, with the available option to smuggle away contraband for extra credits to take back home.

Expert Tip

The Tech Skill tree contains several notable skills that are quite advantageous for your time in space. In addition to the Boost Pack Training Novice Skill, you can also select the Ballistic Weapon Systems, Piloting, and Targeting Control Systems Skills. All are vital for space combat, with Targeting Control Systems specifically assisting with boarding ships if you’re on the path to being a pirate. Otherwise, invest more skills into the Tech tree to get the most out of your shipbuilding possibilities.

How to Use the Boost Pack

As soon as you learn Boost Pack Training, you can then proceed to your inventory to select any available Pack with a Boost pack included. This means that not every Pack will contain a Boost for you to use, so you might have to go to a vendor to look for one. Once you do, equip one from your inventory, then start boosting yourself away from the ground for better traversal results.

Do this by simply double jumping, which is what the action basically does as opposed to controlled jet-powered travel. Your boost will appear above the Health bar whenever you use a double jump.

Starfield Pack Inventory

This will greatly complement any planet that you visit that has an effect on gravity. If you’re running around on a planet with unique gravity, there’s a good chance you might soar high into the air. Whether you’re getting from one platform to the next or avoiding damage, be mindful of the gravitational levels of a planet whenever you visit one. Who knows what sort of glitch you can fly into if you happen to find yourself out of bounds?

How to Upgrade Your Boost Pack

From there, three further Ranks will be unlockable for you. Rank 2 allows the training to fire away less fuel; Rank 3 will help regenerate the pack’s fuel more quickly; Rank 4 essentially doubles the previous bonuses that are being provided by Rank 2 and 3. These are attainable by using boost jumps while participating in combat.

Starfield Ship

As a side note, the Bounty Hunter and Soldier Backgrounds will include the Boost Pack Training Skill for your character upon creating a new Spacefarer. If you’re one of these in Starfield, you’re already good to go, and won’t have to spend a point to acquire the skill in question.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different types of jetpacks in Starfield?

The jetpacks, or Boost Packs, in the game, come in four variants: Basic Boost Pack, Skip Capacity Boost Pack, Balanced Boost Pack, and Power Boost Pack, all equipped with upsides and downsides.

Why isn’t my Boost Pack working?

If you’re unable to use your jetpack in Starfield, chances are that you haven’t unlocked the Boost Pack Training Skill. Unlocking this particular Tech skill will permit your character to use boost packs for traversal and combative purposes. That or your currently equipped Pack doesn’t include a Boost in its design.

Can I wear my Boost Pack without a spacesuit on whenever I’m in a settlement?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to show off your Boost Pack without a spacesuit equipped as you stroll through the settlements in Starfield. The jetpacks are basically attached to the suit – no suit, no Boost Pack for display.