How to Rename Your Ship in Starfield

Once you finally own your rickety starter ship handed over to you by Barrett, you can really start to build a fleet to be reckoned with. Making your ship is well-optimized and offers a handful of strong choices, but the name is often the most crucial part. And sometimes, you just have to rename your ship. Whether it’s because you came up with a good joke name or have a change of heart, you can get your ship a new name to go with its coat of paint.

You are going to need to land before you actively rename your ship. Perhaps as expected.

But, Starfield doesn’t exactly let you walk into your ship log to scratch the name off immediately. If you want to rename your ship, you’ll have to know exactly where and when you’re able to. Thankfully, once you know, you can do it as much as you’d like.

Where to Rename Your Ship in Starfield

If you want to rename your ship in Starfield, you must head to a local ship technician and ask them to “view and modify my ships.” This will let you enter a menu where you must go into “Ship Builder,” then “Flight Check.” On this screen, head to “Rename” to give it a new name.

Sadly, ship technicians are primarily located in settlements. You’ll have to land on a planet before being able to rename any of the ships in your ship storage. Most of the time, ship technicians will either be close to the landing pad of a settlement – oftentimes, walking right up to the leg of your ship itself — or found on your way into the settlement proper. They will always be named “Ship Technician” or “Ship Services Technician” so it’s not too hard to find them. They are also often near the kiosks where you can buy and sell ship parts.

The menus themselves are relatively clear, though your Ship Builder key will be located in the bottom right of the menu, which is B by default for keyboards. From there, the next menu will ask you to open Flight Check, which is C by default.

Finally, you can get your way into the Rename Ship option, which is G by default. Why Starfield hid its name change feature behind so many menus, we couldn’t tell you.

What Does the Ship Menu do?

Other than renaming your ship, the Ship Builder menu will be vastly important for your journey

While you’re in these menus, it can be a good idea to check on any ship here. The View menu will let you see any system that you could theoretically upgrade or let you sell specific ships. The Ship Builder menu will let you see all of your ship’s pure stats, including how much additional power you can put into it. The Flight Check menu will let you know if your ship has any major issues and let you check on your weapons. This is especially useful after a combat where your ship sustained major damage.

While it isn’t necessary to use this menu to complete the game, Starfield can hold out on quite a lot of information from you. If your ship took damage and now isn’t functioning correctly, it is likely because something in here isn’t working.

Expert Tip

The Ship Technician isn’t just for renaming or looking at your ships. They’re also the place to go to buy new ships, sell ships, or find information if you need to crew a new ship. If you want them to repair your vessel, it’ll always cost 1000 Credits.

Where is the Ship Builder menu in Starfield?

The Ship Builder menu can be accessed from any major settlement in Starfield by talking to a Ship Technician. There are no other ways to get to your ship builder menu, so make sure the place is big enough that it has a landing pad!

How much does it cost to change ship’s name in Starfield?

It does not cost any credits to change a ship’s name. In fact, there isn’t a cooldown or anything either. So, you could rename the ship multiple times in a row for no cost.

Can you own multiple ships in Starfield?

It is possible to own multiple ships in Starfield. Once you purchase or find a new ship, you can register it at the ship technician to register it for a few thousand credits, depending on the size and level of said ship.