Starfield Is Available For Pre-Install Right Now

There’s only so much you can do to prepare for a release of a big game, but sometimes those behind it like to give a head start. This is what the team behind Starfield is doing by prepping the game for installation months before release. Starting today, Game Pass users are able to pre-install Starfield onto their PCs and Xbox consoles right now. While this may make sense considering the game’s large size, it is a bit unusual considering that the game is still two months away from release. If there’s a point behind this action, it’s not a very clear one.

Pre-Install Starfield Today

Arguably all eyes in the gaming community are on Starfield in one way or another, especially since new details continue to be revealed leading up to release. That being said, the biggest move it has made recently is setting itself up for pre-installation. Those with an Xbox or PC Game Pass account can pre-install Starfield right now provided they have the space for it.

According to Gaming Bible, the exclusivity and day one accessibility of Starfield through Microsoft only may have contributed to the price increase for a Game Pass subscription. Even so, you’ll need at least 125GB of free space if you’re hoping to get Starfield installed.

Of course, that may be easier said than done. As with other services like Steam during peak activity, Game Pass is experiencing some technical difficulties with providing multiple Starfield pre-installs. You’ll know that you’re experiencing an issue if you go to the Starfield page and the pre-Install button is instead replaced with a sad face icon. This means you’ll have to try again when there’s a gap in the traffic. Should this happen, make sure you have a very fast and stable internet connection, since no one like to go through the process of downloading a huge game more than once.

For Game Pass subscribers, the Standard Edition of Starfield will be ready to play on launch day, September 6, 2023. To prepare for it, they can pre-install it now and wait in anticipation for one of the biggest Bethesda releases of the year.