How to Get the Monster Costume in Starfield

Fashion is a fun playground for curious trendsetters in Starfield who are looking to wear the most eye-catching and enticing apparel. One such piece of clothing that players can get their hands on is the absurd monster costume. Once meant to represent a school as a mascot, the costume eventually found other purposes. This triggers a side quest for players, one that they can commence at any time once they get the hang of the game.

Starfield How to Get Monster Costume

To acquire the monster costume in Starfield, players will need to speak with a certain NPC who will provide the quest for the special tardigrade suit. There’s only one area in the Settled Systems where players can obtain the costume, and they’ll need to do something that’s entirely goofy to obtain it.

How to Get the Monster Costume

Starfield players can get the monster costume by playing through the Tourists Go Home side quest, given by Dr. Giuliana Lakota at the clinic of New Homestead. The doctor requests the player to put on the comical costume (provided by the doc) to strike terror into tourists who are paying a visit. New Homestead is located on Titan, a moon of Saturn in the Sol system. Given its accessibility, traveling to New Homestead will offer no trouble for the players since the Sol system is set at Level 1.

Starfield Dr. Lakota

With the costume equipped, players are merely tasked with walking up to a trio of tourists and waiting for their reaction. Once they appropriately respond to the sight of a creature, return to Dr. Lakota to complete the side quest. She then mentions to come back later if you’re looking to scare off more tourists. Unfortunately, you won’t get to keep the costume after speaking with Dr. Lakota.

Tourists Go Home is a side quest in Starfield that sees the player putting on a unique monster costume to scare off some folks away from New Homestead. The idea of this ridiculous activity comes from a displeased Dr. Giuliana Lakota, who dislikes the presence of tourists. Looking to push them away somehow, Dr. Lakota tasks the Spacefarer with instilling fear into the hearts of the tourists. With this in mind, players get to wear the monster costume only for the quest.

How to Keep the Monster Costume

Despite Dr. Lakota taking back the costume, Starfield players can actually keep it if they continue to work with her. After waiting around for 24 hours, and completing the Tourists Go Home quest, speak with Dr. Lakota to start up the side quest once more. It’s a repeatable quest, so you can play through several times if you like. However, only two more scaring sessions are needed if you wish to keep the suit; completing Tourists Go Home three times (the process will remain the same) will reward you with the monster costume.

Nothing will change if you wish to trigger the side quest with Dr. Lakota. Folks in New Homestead, as well as the personnel that remain on duty in the settlement, will comment on the nature of the costume and your little tricks to scare tourists. None really seem to disagree with the matter, though.

Expert Tip

Waiting around to start up the Tourists Go Home side quest can be a little tedious if you’re looking to get right back into the action. Since you’re presumably on Titan for the monster costume, be sure to scan and visit the other planets in the Sol system. Not only is it the old neighborhood, home to our original solar system, but Earth and Luna are home to a few collectible snow globes, which you can collect.

In addition to the folks of New Homestead providing dialogue that’s related to the monster costume, equipping it elsewhere will warrant further special interactions. For example, visiting the ECS Constant colony ship will bring about some interesting dialogue choices with Captain Diana Brackenridge, though she isn’t convinced that she’s standing face-to-face with a grotesque alien.

Starfield Monster Costume Scares Tourists

This dialogue shift also has an effect on Spacers in Starfield who fear the Mantis. If players discover the lair of the Mantis after reading the “Secret Outpost!” note, they’ll retrieve a new spacesuit and a ship, known as the Razorleaf. By running into enemy Spacers, the presence of the Mantis will sometimes guarantee cowardice from the enemies. “I am the ghost story that strikes terror in Spacers and the Crimson Fleet alike,” the player can say at one point in the game.