Starfield New Game Plus Has Been Confirmed

Despite the fact that the average AAA game can last anywhere between 10 and 100+ hours, fans are still concerned about replayability. With some already reporting that Starfield has more than enough content to last a full year, replaying it is something that many of us aren’t even thinking about. However, considering just how determined speedrunners and other prolific players can be, they may reach the end of the game or simply discover everything it has to offer in a matter of weeks or even days. To address such worries of getting to the end of Starfield too soon, the game has been confirmed to have New Game Plus.

New Game Plus in Starfield

Starfield New Game Plus Has Been Confirmed

Due to all the leaks and investigations carried out by dedicated fans, we know more about Starfield than we expected to know. There’s still time to learn and extrapolate more from the game before it launches on September 6, and a lot of us are still wondering about the gameplay aspects and elements that are in place.

On that note, according to Eurogamer, the game will offer New Game Plus for truly skilled and persistent players. The thing is that they’ll still have to play through quite a sizable campaign just to get the opportunity to try it out.

A common mechanic in games is the difficulty setting which can range from offering several at the start to only providing the harder difficulties once you’ve beaten the game on an easier level. A take on this idea is the introduction of New Game Plus, which has also become almost as common since the term was first coined in Chrono Trigger.

The general effect of starting a game in this mode is that you start all over, but with everything you had gained from the base game playthrough. This can include weapons, armor, abilities, skills, currency, and more. To compensate, New Game Plus usually boasts a more difficult experience, while other times it’s just an opportunity to speed through the game again. It can also sometimes make it so that certain elements (such as different endings) can only be accessed there.

Starfield is already a big game that will take a lot of time, but people are already considering replaying it. Those that get to that `point will have New Game Plus waiting for them.