Starfield Offers Cross-Save Across All Platforms

Modern games are so long that you can spend a whole year just to finish one. That’s why saving is one of any game’s most important mechanics. Though Starfield will likely have multiple save points and auto-save, it’s also including another important feature. Cloud saves have risen to power with the rise of online gaming platforms, and Starfield is taking full advantage of this option. No matter where you first start playing the game, you can continue your game as long as you’re able to log into your related account. By using cross-save, you’ll have even more ways to access this vast adventure.

Starfield Cross-Save

The games under Bethesda tend to be very long form and even casual players will fill up game slots quite quickly. However, this can be tricky to keep track of especially when it can only be accessed from one machine. Starfield is attempting to address this by applying the cross-save feature.

According to Insider Gaming, this means that no matter if you first buy and play the game on PC or Xbox, you’ll be able to access your save files. Due to the Microsoft platform exclusivity, there is synergy between PC and Xbox accounts so as long as the same one is used for Starfield, you’ll be able to pick up where you left off on either platform.

Considering just how large and long Starfield is going to be, being able to continue your game on the available platforms will be very convenient. You can play to the very end of the game on your Xbox, go on vacation, and then face the final mission or boss fight remotely on PC thanks to cross-save. Clearly, Starfield is trying to use features that could be seen as uncommon or advanced which goes in line with its sci-fi theming. Just make sure that your accounts are synced properly or you may not be able to access your save smoothly.

Due to cloud gaming, cross-save has existed across online gaming platforms like Steam and Epic, but not always between computers and consoles. Conveniently, Starfield will offer this for players to play their version of the game across both PC and Xbox.