Starfield Offers Early Access With Special Editions

Even though the release of Starfield is just around the corner, many folks just can’t wait that long to get their hands on it. Starting this Sunday, it will officially be one month until the game launches across Microsoft platforms. People are blocking out schedules, coming up with work excuses, and making sure that their machines can run the game as they should be experienced. There are multiple editions of the game being offered both physically and digitally. However, depending on which edition you purchase, there’s a way you can start playing almost a week before it officially launches on September 6.

Starfield Early Access

The words “Early Access” can make you think of a game that is not yet finished but still wants you to play what’s already available. Even though Starfield is using those words quite blatantly, it means them quite literally.

According to Rock Paper Shotgun, there’s a way to get early access to Starfield a full five days before it officially launches. Bethesda is advertising it on the official Starfield website, but the gist is that Early Access comes with special editions of the game. Namely, it’s included with the Premium and Constellation editions. And just to be clear, early access in this case means that you can start playing the fully finished game a few days early.

As Starfield enters the homestretch of its launch period, media and offers surrounding it still have a chance to pop up. Meanwhile, there are still plenty of official and unofficial elements surrounding the game to keep you busy and inform you of what to expect. Most recently, Bethesda released an animated anthology called Starfield: The Settled Systems to provide some background to the game’s universe. There are also two fans who created a long compendium about Starfield lore and the skill system respectively, solely based on the materials and details shared about the game.

It won’t be long until we see individual vendors or collectors trying to get in on the Starfield bounty as they try to get their hands on a bunch of copies. However, if they manage to get the right editions, they’ll have early access to play the game themselves if they want.