How to Get and Use Outpost Transfer Containers in Starfield

Hauling resources from one spot to the next can be a tedious task for Starfield players. The game offers a variety of constructible materials that players can harvest, for which they can use to help establish Outposts across the Settled Systems. And since you can only carry so much in your pockets, you eventually should invest in the Outpost Transfer Containers that are readily available for Starfield explorers.

Starfield New Outpost on Moon

In short, the Outpost Transfer Container is a structure that allows you to quickly relay harvested resources from an Outpost directly into your ship’s cargo holds. This omits the inconvenience of transferring materials from your personal inventory and into the cockpit, where your ship storage menu is located. If you’re ready to let go of some of that extra mass on your character, then we’ll show you how you can operate an Outpost Transfer Container for your time in Starfield.

How to Get Outpost Transfer Container

In order to establish an Outpost Transfer Container in Starfield, you’ll need to first set up an Outpost on any 100% surveyed land on a planet or a moon. The Outpost Transfer Container is a part of the Storage category, where Iron, Lubricant, and Tungent are needed for construction. The same category contains other containers that are designated for specific matters of science: Solid, Liquid, Gas, and a small Warehouse for beginning Spacefarers.

This is all done by using your scanner to pick up any resources whenever you’re on land. Once the 100% threshold has been reached, select the OUTPOSTS option from the scanning HUD to bring up an Outpost Beacon. Simply place the beacon down Wherever you can, and your base in space will then be settled and ready to go.

Then, approach the beacon to activate Build Mode. From the building menu, scroll over to the Storage tab for the Outpost Transfer Container. The recipe for the structure contains only three resources:

  • Iron (x8)
  • Lubricant (x4)
  • Tungsten (x5)

Assemble these materials, construct the massive container, then place it down within your Outpost’s vicinity. You now have your transfer storage in place. Of course, it doesn’t end there. We have some more steps to follow if we wish to actually use the resourceful container.

Expert Tip

Starfield allows beginning players to build up to eight Outposts. However, with the Planetary Habitation Skill under the Science skill tree, you can start to do more with your unique bases throughout the Settled Systems. This Master Science Skill will permit players to build Outposts on terrain where the environment isn’t so kind to amateur and rookie Constellation explorers. In addition to battling extreme temperatures, you can eventually end up with 16 available Outposts to build if you attain Rank 4 for Planetary Habitation.

Starfield New Outpost

How to Power On and Use Outpost Transfer Container

When it comes to providing power on alien land, the process is a bit more complicated than it first seems. Along with the Outpost Container, you’re also going to need Extractors and Power sources to complete the physical relay process. To do this, build yourself any desired Extractor and Power source from the same building menu as the Storage containers. They’ll have their own tabs, evidently. It’s all dependent on what resources are available for harvesting.

From here, construct both within a friendly distance. The Power source essentially provides juice for the Extractors to run. Once it’s powered on, switch back into Build Mode, then connect an Outpost Link from the Extractor to your idle Outpost Transfer Container. That will complete the process, as the harvesting will then commence on its own.

Now, to transfer resources from the Outpost container to your ship without dedicating some waiting around forever, you’ll need a Landing Pad. This helps ensure an easy transferable route to take place. This is also accomplished by using the Build Mode within your Outpost’s area.

Starfield Cargo

Finally, head to your cockpit to access your ship’s cargo. You can then toggle between the inventories that are available to you, which are now connected to the Outpost and the containers — as long as everything is connected and working. Whether you’re looking to swiftly move resources around or wish to do it safely without some outside trouble, consider investing your credits and materials into the storage containers. You never know which materials will be needed down the line as you discover the mysteries of the universe in Starfield.