Starfield Leaked Patch Notes Confirm Steam Deck Support

There is so much mystery still surrounding Starfield, which will soon be available around the world. There is still time for plenty of leaks to appear, especially ones concerning the game’s technical aspects. Although we already know that it will only be available through PC and Xbox, it’s making its way onto other online platforms in addition to its independent digital version. With that in mind, it seems that an early patch for the game ties directly into how it will perform through Steam, including through Valve’s own Steam Deck.

Starfield Leaked Patch Mentions Steam Deck Support

Patches are commonplace and even expected to pop up in the first few months of a game’s release, especially when that game is going to be as big and demanding as Starfield. While it’s been apparent for a while what kind of requirements the game will need to run well, there’s still much to learn about its current state.

According to Insider Gaming, the details concerning an Early Access patch for the game have been leaked online. On top of that, the details seems to imply that the game is compatible with the Steam Deck. This is a big deal, seeing as how the Deck is the only non-Microsoft console that will receive the game. Plus, the Steam Deck recently received an update through the beta channel with a crash fix for “an upcoming game,” which most believe to be Starfield.

From what’s been revealed, the patch appears to cover the run-of-the-mill adjustments that most tend to target in order to hopefully improve the game. This applies to aspects of performance like improving stability, refining facial animations, addressing gameplay bugs as well and making sure that quests trigger and resolve properly. The biggest reveal from the leak is the inclusion of a digital keyboard for explicit use on the Steam Deck, revealing that the portable console is able to support the game.

It would almost seem suspect if Starfield didn’t have at least a few patches waiting in the wings as it prepares to launch next week on September 6. The patch seems to be pretty thorough, tackling some notable issues while also making sure that the game will be in working condition to run on the Steam Deck.