Starfield Pilgrim’s Computer Location and Answers

The Unity organization is an almost religious group that can be found in Starfield. As part of the game’s main questline, you will need to find out more about this group, the pilgrims that walk the path, and the implications of the Hunter, Vladimir, and the Eye. But, this main questline can be halted by the Pilgrim’s Computer, a frustrating little quiz that stonewalls you on Indum II.

The Pilgrim's Computer is such an innocuous little device. A shame it's so annoying.
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If you’ve encountered this mess, you’re far from alone. Completing this quest requires a lot of reading, back-and-forth, and interpretation. We’ll help you clear it out quickly so you can go back to exploring the stars.

Where to Find the Pilgrim’s Computer

The Pilgrim’s Computer is found on Indum II, inside of the Pilgrim’s Rest building. Accessing and opening the computer is part of a main questline — specifically, the quest labeled “Unity” — so don’t worry about cracking the case beforehand.

Once you get to Unity and land by Pilgrim’s Rest, head inside and go towards a locked door with a white-screened monitor. That monitor is the computer in question, and the windowed door that you can’t open is the Locked Room that the quest demands you open.

If you want to find the answer yourself, you can walk around the room and pick up the Pilgrim’s Writings. There are five journals with writings in them, marked by the quest itself.

However, the journals do not necessarily correspond one-to-one with the quiz. Picking up the journals will let you find the answers eventually, but you’re going to have to understand them if you want to find the answers themselves.

Answers for the Pilgrim’s Computer

The answers for the Pilgrim’s Computer quiz on Indum II in Starfield are as follows:

  1. If you came seeking the right answers, you will know what question to ask.
    • What is the Unity?
  2. I return your question with a question. If you have read my writings, what is the burden of people?
    • People are necessary. But people are madness.
  3. Who is your most formidable opponent?
    • Myself.
  4. Where does enduring contentment come from?
    • In stopping. In embracing compassion.

This will cause the door to open up and you can head right inside. This progresses the “Unity” quest, since the “true meaning” of Unity is hidden inside that personal room.

The quiz is a bit frustrating. Failing any of the answers will send you back to the start, though it doesn’t further punish you. It’s theoretically possible to simply brute force your way through this mini-examination.

How to Start the Unity Quest

The ruins of Hyla are your next target after you deal with the Pilgrim's Computer.

The Unity questline is one of many mainline quests in Starfield. So, to access it, you’ll simply have to complete the quests beforehand. The “High Price to Pay” quest is before this, and involves you either defending the Lodge or going to the Eye.

This quest can be a bit saddening, since it involves the death of a companion. Powering through it is a good idea, though, like with the Ron Hope quest.

The Unity quest itself is a massive one, requiring you to fly to several elements of the Starfield universe. These include a quick jaunt to Keeper Aquilus, talking with the Va’ruun prisoner Mir’za, and going to the House of Enlightenment (which aren’t very enlightening about the whole Unity business).

Once you enter the locked room and gather the final writings (don’t forget the Tracker Guide 02, which boosts energy weapon damage), you will be sent back into space. Climb into your ship and rocket to Hyla II, a distant planet from Indum II.

On Hyla II, you’ll have to fight a few foes and then complete a glyph puzzle. Thankfully, this puzzle is simple, requiring that you hit the left glyph three times and bottom glyph once. This will lead you to the next step in your main quest.

Expert Tip

While completing the main quest is a good idea for unlocking mechanics and content, it can sometimes be a chore to get from planet to planet. It’s a good idea to, when moving from A to B, hit up nearby systems to allow for easier fast travel. Getting out-of-the-way systems can make traveling quickly much easier, especially as you get progress with the main quest and the game forces you to travel further and further.