Starfield Pre-Installs For PC and Xbox Start Tomorrow

There’s only so much preparation that you can do for the launch of a huge game, short of playing up a sudden illness that earns you some extra sick days. Starfield is absolutely going to have many people disappearing from the real world in order to get absorbed in the game’s universe. There are those who are supercharging their computers and clearing space on their consoles just so that the game can be run as well as possible. And now, PC and Xbox buyers can have the game ready to go once the pre-installs become available starting tomorrow.

Starfield Pre-Installs

Bethesda Announcement via Twitter

It’s not uncommon for studios to release the base version of the game to be downloaded ahead of time when the game is so large. It’s been confirmed that Starfield will be over 125GB which will eat up a decent chunk of even the heartiest hard drive. However, no one wants to wait until launch to start the download process when it can be installed ahead of time.

Thankfully, the wait is nearly over. Bethesda has announced that players with Steam and Xbox versions of Starfield will be able to pre-install the game this week. Revealed via Bethesda’s Twitter account, Xbox and PC buyers will be able to do this on August 17, while Steam users will need to wait until August 30.

This is an interesting development considering that the game has been ready in many ways now. Game Pass subscribers have had the opportunity to pre-install Starfield for almost two months now, likely connected to the fact that the game will be offered for free on the service on day one of launch. There have also been reports of select players having gained access to the game already, and have been playing it all this time. However, these same folks haven’t given away too much about their experience, apparently still keeping the surprise for those who still have to await the official launch.

Starfield field is gonna be big in multiple ways, but no one can deny that it will be quite demanding no matter what platform it’s on. Thankfully, now digital versions on Xbox and Steam can be pre-installed and ready to go on launch day.