Starfield Rocks Are Blowing Fans’ Minds

Making a video game requires a lot of time and a lot of work. Many times, a person will be assigned one specific task to develop until release. Starfield has made tremendous efforts not only in its size but also its presentation. Many are excited to experience the sounds and visuals for themselves, especially considering how many planets there are to visit. Even so, one surprising environmental aspect has people floored — the rocky terrain. Specifically, some fans are going on record saying that the rocks in Starfield are the best that they’ve ever seen in a video game.

Starfield Rocks

Rock formations in Starfield look very well detailed.

It’s safe to say that the average person doesn’t spend much time going over the details of a game with a fine-tooth comb. They can be satisfied as long the assets have a decent resemblance, but Starfield wants to go above and beyond. In addition to making a vast universe with countless planets and different forms of life, it seems that they wanted even the smallest pieces to look good.

In fact, a huge discussion began when one person drew attention to the rocks in Starfield. A Reddit post made a simple statement about loving rocks and put together a gallery of screenshots showing various rock formations in the game. Since then, the post has gotten many responses and sparked geological discussions and musing about what processes can be observed in Starfield.

Across video games, rocks are often viewed as one of the most basic features. Many titles don’t even let you interact with them in any interesting ways. However, with the rise of the survival-craft genre, this has changed. Rocks now have value as a material in addition to being a set piece. Since Starfield is confirmed to have crafting mechanics, people will be looking at the environment much more closely and it seems that the rocks are currently rockin’ the stage.

There are many things that the Starfield developers have done to impress, and it seems that they’ve reached its literal ground level. With people getting excited over how good the rocks look, it seems that Starfield has hit the ground running months before release.