Should You Spare or Kill Ron Hope in Starfield?

During the Freestar Rangers questline in Starfield, players are assigned the role of a deputy as they look into a matter that includes farmland being poisoned and innocent people getting killed. Across eight missions, justice eventually comes into the equation when it is revealed that Ron Hope is responsible for coordinating operations to seize contaminated farmland, which was producing rich material that he was looking to take advantage of for his industry. Due to his actions and your efforts to bring him down, the choice is given to either spare or kill Ron Hope in Starfield for The Hammer Falls quest.

Starfield Spare of Kill Ron Hope

Ron Hope is an industry giant and the president of HopeTech whose contributions support many families and workers. However, his shady practices are on the verge of being exposed by the Spacefarer, but not without a bit of bribery to consider. Indeed, players can either accept a bribe from the dishonorable president of HopeTech, or straight up gun him down. There isn’t an option where he’ll freely turn himself in — Ron Hope won’t go out without a fight. With this in mind, this guide will cover the decisions and effects that will transpire when dealing with Ron Hope in Starfield.

Ron Hope: Spare the President of HopeTech

Should Starfield players choose to spare Ron Hope, they will either find themselves walking away with a certain amount of Credits or simple acknowledgment for keeping his secrets in the dark. Even though his actions involved the troubling force of the First Cavalry, Ron Hope only pulled the strings and paid the checks. It was his initiative that caused the loss of several farmers.

Despite all of the factors in question, players can either accept a bribe of 20,000 Credits or abide by the goodness of their being and accept nothing. Going with the former is almost no question here, though the bribe can be increased to 50,000 Credits if players use their Negotiation tactics. HopeTech will remain in business, and Ron Hope shall put an end to his mischievous business practices.

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Of course, by letting a murderous man walk away, your companions will not approve of your actions, ultimately affecting your affinity with them. Additionally, Marshal Daniel Blake won’t be pleased with the end results, though this won’t affect the rewards that come with completing the Freestar Rangers questline with the Freestar Collective. Be mindful of who may be affected by your final decisions during The Hammer Falls.

The rewards for completing the questline (finishing The Hammer Falls mission) will grant the player with a variety of new possessions. These include their very own Star Eagle-class starship (no registration fee required), Ranger Spacesuit, Ranger Space Helmet, Ranger Balanced Pack, Ranger Duelwear, and the Justifier rifle.

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Ron Hope: Kill the President of HopeTech

If Starfield players decide to abide by the hard hand of the law, they can gun down Ron Hope to put an end to his corruption. While they may attempt to talk Hope into walking from his position and into handcuffs, he will refuse to turn himself in. This ultimately leads to a firefight that involves Hope, his security, and you, all within the HopeTech factory.

Due to Ron Hope’s cowardly nature, he’s a level 1 NPC. Starfield players can eliminate him with just a couple of shots, though he’s got nothing unique on his person if you’re looking to see what he’s holding. Take care of Hope, wipe out his security, and then speak with Birgit McDougall to see what the future holds for HopeTech now that its president is dead.

Players can then return to Marshal Daniel Blake for a final report. Having solved the issue with the Rangers and the First Cavalry, the questline ends, as players earn their rewards. In the same ending circumstances as the spare option, players will acquire the same Star Eagle ship and Ranger items. Evidently, your companions will approve of your actions for remaining true to the law and putting a stop to Ron Hope’s criminal activity.

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In the end, the results of the Freestar Rangers questline won’t have an overarching effect on the main campaign of Starfield. Choosing to whether let Ron Hope live or die solely depends on the morality of the player, with the opinions of companions coming into question, though this is the only negative effect to take potentially take place. In either case, players will rise as an official deputy of the Rangers with some fresh attire and equipment to take with them as they jump into their next activity in Starfield.