How to Stop and Prevent Frostbite in Starfield

Frostbite is a status affliction in Starfield that affects the player’s O2 as they take damage. It’s one of the many status effects that can occur in the game due to unfortunate contact with intense weather conditions, substantial enemy damage, and infectious sources. For Frostbite, the source of the affliction usually comes from exploring planets and moons with extremely cold temperatures, which means that it’s a fairly common status effect to come across in Starfield.

Starfield Frostbite How to Stop and Prevent

For this guide, we’ll go over the necessary steps to stop and prevent Frostbite from attacking your character’s health and O2 in the game. O2 is an essential gaming component that players ought to keep an eye on whenever they’re dealing with enemies or objectives regarding traversal activities. With depleted O2, their character’s physical capacity becomes increasingly limited, which is why players must look to remedies for the Frostbite effect that they’ll run into. And since Frostbite is a known affliction in the Settled Systems, players will find a few ways to cure it.

How to Stop Frostbite

Frostbite is a painful status effect in Starfield that can only be cured by either visiting a doctor for help or consuming specific medical items. The former option is the least convenient method (in terms of travel) but also the cheapest, with doctor rates going for less than a thousand Credits to cure afflictions. The other option relies on looting from containers and fallen NPCS in search of medical supplies; purchasing items from a vendor is the alternative.

Players who are looking for a doctor should turn their attention to populated cities in the Settled Systems. Cydonia, Neon, New Atlantis, and other similar areas include official doctor offices with Reliant Medical. Look for their signs within the cities, but be sure to not confuse them with Enhance! clinics — they merely specialize in cosmetic surgery.

For those who are looking to collect medical supplies, they’ll need to search for the following healing items:

  • Analgesic Poultice (0.10 Mass)- Treats Burns, Contusions, Frostbite, Infections, Lacerations, and Puncture Wounds
  • Antibiotic Paste (0.10 Mass) – Treats Burns, Frostbite, and Infections
  • Heal Gel (0.10 Mass) – Treats Burns and Frostbite. Provides +150 Damage Resistance for 5 Minutes
  • Heal Paste (0.10 Mass) – Treats Burns and Frostbite
  • Infused Bandages (0.10 Mass) – Treats Burns, Contusions, Frostbite, Lacerations, and Puncture Wounds.
  • Panacea (0.10 Mass) – Treats All Afflictions. Also Completely Drains 02

Expert Tip

Starfield players can easily become encumbered if they’re carrying too many items on them in the game. There’s a good chance that some items are simply taking up too much space. With this in mind, look through your Aid, Miscellaneous, and Resources sections from the inventory to see what you can dispose of or sell. Getting rid of items within these categories will help lessen the mass intake for your character.

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How to Prevent the Frostbite Status Effect

While collecting and using medical items can eradicate the Frostbite effect, there are steps to take that can help with future afflictions. Whether the prognosis is poor or excellent, players can attain Cold Resistance by equipping spacesuits, helmets, and packs with high Thermal stats. Airborne, Corrosion, and Radiation are the other stats to look out for, but Thermal concerns hot and cold environments that are capable of inflicting damage.

Scanning a planet before making any landing procedures can help with preparation. From the comfort of your spaceship, administer planetary scans to attain data that includes resources, available fauna/flora, and traits. The data will also inform the players of a planet’s temperate type, which can range from moderate surfaces to deep frozen terrain. Use this piece of data whenever you’re ready to face the cold.

Additionally, whenever you’re ready to take on tougher planets, you’ll need to unlock the Environmental Conditioning Skill in Starfield. Rank 2 of the Advanced skill, which is located under the Physical skill tree, provides 10 resistance to Thermal environmental damage. The skill does offer resistance perks for other environmental conditions, as well.

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Furthermore, acquiring the Planetary Habitation Skill from the Science skill tree goes hand-in-hand with Environmental Conditioning. If players are looking to build Outposts on planets and moons with extreme temperatures, they’ll need to attain Planetary Habitation to complete the process. Evidently, this means that players will be exploring areas with deadly planetary conditions. It’s vital to consider the aforementioned medical supplies and Cold Resistance stats when it comes to exploring the colder corners of the Settled Systems in Starfield.