Starfield Will Supposedly Get A Huge Day One Patch

One of the biggest mistakes that a game studio can make is releasing a game before it’s sure that it’s ready. Based on the footage that’s been shared and preliminary response by those who got the game early, Starfield may very live up to a number of expectations. The thing is, Bethesda has a reputation for releasing games with noticeable glitches that take time to be addressed. Even though it’s unclear what kind of problems Starfield may have, there’s talk that a huge patch may be lined up to fix up the game the day that it becomes available to play.

The Starfield Launch Patch

There have been a lot of leaks surrounding Starfield with retailers being the main culprits when it comes to exposing technical details about the game. The team has done its best to keep things tight-lipped, but some things have managed to get out anyway.

Aside from screenshots and footage being exposed, Gaming Bible among other sources has picked up chatter on a patch leak. Specifically, this is talk of a huge patch that will be applied to the game when you start to load it for the first time. Considering that the game is already 125GB in size, this alleged patch will likely make it even bigger.

Although people hate it when games get delayed, the majority of players would likely prefer a late-release complete game to an early-release broken game. Starfield is the biggest and newest IP that Bethesda has undertaken in quite some time. As a result, there is a lot of pressure surrounding its functionality.

Considering the size and sheer detail that the game will possess, nobody wants to dedicate a chunk of their hard drive to something unplayable. If there is a patch accompanying the game’s initial loading, many will be accepting of it if it will improve the experience but are understandably nervous about the size.

Starfield will be one of the largest games, both figuratively and literally, to release this year. If there’s a big patch on day one, the game will get bigger, and one can only hope that it will also be more functional.