Stellaris Console Commands | How to Use Cheats

Stellaris is a very long, arduous game. It’s a grand RTS, so games can take hours and days to get to endgame. But, there are so many different things to do in the game. It can be hard to test all of these strategies and tactics during a normal game. Thankfully, players do have access to basic console commands in Stellaris. These can let you activate cheats or specific test code to try out during your games. If you’re having trouble finding these, this quick guide can help you out.

How to Use Console Commands in Stellaris

How to Use Console Commands in Stellaris

During a non-ironman game of Stellaris, you can activate console commands by pressing the apostrophe key (‘) on your keyboard. This will open up a console where you’ll be able to type commands. If this key does not open the console, try “Shift+Alt+C,” “Shift+2”, “Alt+2+1,” “Shift+3,” “~,” and “^.” Once you’re in the console, you may type “help” to see what commands are available.

The console is only available during casual games of Stellaris. The host of online games may not allow the console to be used.

Stellaris requires a deep ID system for targeting commands. These are very complex, so we recommend finding an individual guide for IDs if you need to delete an enemy empire or give an empire infinite Alloys.

There are loads of commands as well, and the “help” command will allow you to see all of them. Inserting “help [command name]” will show you what an individual command is able to do. Some of the most useful commands include:

  • activate_all_traditions: Activates all traditions; fun to play around with.
  • debug_nomen / debug_yesmen: This one forces AI empires to accept or refuse your proposals.
  • event [event id] [target id]: Causes a specific event to occur, really fun if you want to improve your tech or devastate your enemies.
  • intel: Maps the entire galaxy.
  • max_resources: Fills your resource coffer.
  • own [planet id or selected]: Yoinks the target for yourself.
  • play [empire id]: Allows you to take control of any given empire.
  • research_all_technologies [1] [amount]: Let’s you learn everything. 1 gets space creatures and crisis techs, and the amount is for repeatable technologies.

There are so many more, but you’ll have to use ID pages or the “help” command to find those! If you want to know more about Stellaris, check out our guides on the Jump Drive and the Clone Army Origin.