Stellaris Enigmatic Cache | How Does It Work?

Stellaris takes the concept of Civilization and puts it in space. Trading enemy continents for aliens, Stellaris has become quite the game for sci-fi fans recently. Players have encountered a strange entity in their game called the Enigmatic Cache, but what does it do?

How Does the Enigmatic Cache Work in Stellaris?

What is the Enigmatic Cache

First, the Enigmatic Cache can only be encountered if you’ve installed the Distant Stars DLC. The Cache will only show up once the Mid Game year has been reached, and if the player is making their way to the nearest empire that’s not in conflict. The Enigmatic Cache will arrive through a Gateway or L Gate, and make its way to one of the planets in the player’s empire. If you don’t attack, it will remain for ten in-game years, providing a 30% research bonus to all Tech trees.

Next, the Enigmatic Cache will scan your planet. After it’s completed its task, it will disappear. Leaving to travel to all other colonies and scan them as well. After this is complete, the cache will return. If you’re playing multiplayer, this is the one with the least amount of Relative Power. In the event you’re playing singleplayer, it will always come to you. After it returns, it will reveal itself as an AI named BALDOR and offer you a deal. BALDOR will make the civilization smarter if they work with it for two in-game years.

The Enigmatic Uplifting Event

Accepting this will begin the “Enigmatic Uplifting” event. During this, you’re going to encounter an event during the process. One that could change the course of your civilization. First, the Enigmatic Cache is going to break. You’ll have the option to repair it. If you can repair the cache, you’ll gain the uplifted trait, which gives your civilization a 10% research boost, and 25% Leader Experience Gain.

If you abort the event you won’t receive the Leader Experience Gain, and the cache will vanish. In the event you ignore the damaged Enigmatic Cache, you’ll receive a -%60 research modifier, and the damaged item will remain in orbit, halving the planet’s debuff.

The Enigmatic Cache is an interesting entity, and it can make or break your civilization.