Story Details For The New Season Of Destiny 2 Revealed

Destiny 2 continues to add on more to its game, including expanding the story into the upcoming season. Though many of the details have been kept under wraps, the developers are finally deciding to share the news. After all, with a new story comes the promise of new locations and a new threat. Of course, we’re also expecting some new weapons, classes, and powers to fight them.

The Story Of Destiny 2 Season 18

It was in 2014 that Bungie decided to release their most ambitious project since Halo, a sci-fi epic called Destiny. Though it ran into some trouble, it quickly evolved to a popular online player experience. Naturally, the game’s sucecss led to a sequel in 2017. Since then, Destiny 2 has continued to expand its content and story in order to keep things fresh.

As the much anticipated Season 18 looms, some details surrounding its story are being released. It appears that what may be the final climactic battle between good and evil (Light and Darkness) is fast approaching with all the threats gathering to destroy the Guardians and the Last City on Earth.

Though the Destiny series received criticism for an unclear storyline, Bungie has worked to remedy that. Put simply, players take on the role of guardians, a mix of organic and synthetic beings who were brought back by the power of the Light. The wielder of this power is known as the Traveler, a mysterious entity that provides a haven in the form of the Last City. Most recently, a mysterious being known as the Witness has grown in power, leading the Darkness against the Traveler and the Guardians. Clues indicate that this conflict will be coming to a head in the newest season.

As Destiny 2 enters Season 18, it appears that the universe is in dire straits. Multiple villainous factions remain in play as the forces of Darkness move against the Light. This may be the final stand, and players will have to give it their all.